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Important HUD Updates

Bowman Client Update Important HUD Updates Per recent HUD listserv we want to pass along some important information and include relevant ServicePoint/ART Gallery information where applicable: 1) PIT/HIC Submission Deadline - The Homelessness Data Exchange (HDX) will be open between 03/1/2017 and 05/01/2017 for the upload and submission of your 2017 PIT/HIC reports. All needed reports for this submission are available in the ART Gallery as shown below: • 0628 - HIC Supplemental - V7 - This report has been created to provide the client and household data needed to complete the PIT count column of the Housing Inventory Count in the HIC module of the HUD HDX.  It also provides RRH counts as required.  • 0629 - Housing Inventory Chart - V14 - This report produces the HMIS available elements needed for the Housing Inventory Count required by HUD. • 0630 - Sheltered-Unsheltered PIT 2016 - V19 - This report has been created to provide the client and household data n

REMINDER: Friday Deadline for Data Segmentation & Consent Management Opportunity!

SAMHSA invites you to a free opportunity to help you increase the integration of behavioral health information through data segmentation and to empower patients to control access to their health information through consent management. We have attached the application form for a free 6-month Delivering Information through Segmentation and Consent (DISC) Learning Collaborative sponsored by SAMHSA. The deadline for submitting applications is this Friday February 10 at 5:00 p.m. ET. What is the DISC Learning Collaborative? The DISC Learning Collaborative is designed for health information exchanges (HIEs), primary health care organizations and practices, behavioral health care organizations, local health agencies, and others interested in expanding their capacity to electronically share sensitive health information, particularly behavioral health information. What will I Learn from the DISC Learning Collaborative? By participating in the DISC Learning Collaborative, you

SSVF Program Update February 3, 2017

Hi Team, I hope that you had a nice weekend. Below, please find Friday's Program Update. There are a few items that I am going to highlight below. These highlights should not replace your very thorough read of the actual Program Update. Our next regional call will be on February 14 th at 2pm EST . An invite has been sent. Please forward any items that you would like to include on the agenda. ·          REGISTER NOW: SSVF National Webinar on February 9th, 2017 at 2:00PM EST : Audit Guidelines, Fraud Prevention, Reporting and Compliance o    This is absolutely mandatory. You must have at least 1 staff member participate in this webinar. o    The registration link is: https://attendee.gotowebinar. com/register/ 6770865551906894851 ·          NEW: SSVF Regional Meeting Travel Expense Guidance o    This is enhanced information from the regional meeting information that you may have received. Please read it carefully in particular the section related to VA tr