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You made this possible

Congress just gave us a big victory. keep up the great work and finish the job on final spending.  Your advocacy over the last year has been unbelievable. The new budget agreement shows that your voice is being heard on Capitol Hill. Just this morning, Congress passed a sweeping, two-year budget agreement

Correction - Homeless and Move On Preference Technical Assistance: Request for Interest (RFI)

Note: This message is a correction to the message sent earlier today. The link to the Program Notice has been updated. Apply for Technical Assistance to Promote the Homeless and Move On Preferences in HUD Multifamily Assisted Housing HUD seeks Multifamily assisted housing owners and property management companies, HUD Continuums of Care (CoCs), state housing agencies, and communities interested in implementing Homeless or Move On preferences in HUD Multifamily properties. Read the full RFI and short application . HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing encourages our assisted housing owners and property management companies to make their subsidized apartments available to individuals and families experiencing homelessness or who are transitioning out of permanent supportive housing designated for formerly homeless households. HUD-funded CoCs, state housing finance agencies, and state housing departments can be key partners in implementing a preference. HUD has issued a Prog