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[MARHMIS] Job Posting - NJ HMIS Director

The New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency has posted their Director of HMIS position.  The notice will close on May 24th.  See the job description below and click here to go to the posting on the State's site.. This is a great opportunity to join a mature and well established HMIS doing great things across the State.  There's a strong team in place with great relationships across the CoC's and strong support from its State Partners. Director of HMIS Department: HMIS Description NOTICE OF VACANCY THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE NEW JERSEY HOUSING AND MORTGAGE FINANCE AGENCY INVITES APPLICATIONS FROM QUALIFIED CANDIDATES FOR THE FOLLOWING: Job Title: Director of HMIS Issue Date: 5/3/2016 Salary Range: R16 Closing Date: 5/24/2016 Division: HMIS Union Status: Non Union FL Status: Exempt Employment Status: Full Time JOB DESCRIPTION Under supervision, oversee project implementation and day-to-day operations of the New Jersey State HMIS

[MARHMIS] Fwd: Invitation to Demonstrate HMIS Software Product

Good afternoon, The Georgia HMIS Collaborative, consisting of approximately 4,600 active users in eight Continua of Care, will be issuing an HMIS RFP later this year; however, many of the stakeholders have never had the opportunity to see products from other software providers. In order to educate stakeholder discussions for the purpose of developing the RFP, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA), as the designated HMIS Lead for the Georgia HMIS Collaborative, is extending an invitation to HMIS software vendors to demonstrate the functionality of their HMIS software product to the Georgia HMIS community and other stakeholders via GoToWebinar. Please note that these demonstrations will be for informational purposes only.  Below are the guidelines that will be implemented for the demonstration webinars: ·          Each vendor will have 50 minutes demonstration time; and ·          The webinar will not be interactive. ·          Each vendor is encour

COC and ESG Rent Reasonableness and FMRs

The links below explain the key relationship between an area’s “rent reasonableness” determination and the published FMR for projects supporting leasing costs and/or rental assistance under the COC Program and ESG program. It’s important to note the differences between housing projects funded under the Leasing Budget Line Item and those funded under the Rental Assistance Budget Line Item. Recipients must establish their own written policies and procedures for documenting comparable rents and ensure that they are followed when documenting rent reasonableness in the case file. A recipient may require all subrecipients to use a specific form or a particular data source. Use of a single form to collect data on rents for units of different sizes and locations will make the data collection process uniform. A sample form is attached. Since CPD staff is monitoring these programs for the first time using the new checklists and specifically for ESG Rapid Rehousing activities and COC Pe