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LSA Export Update

LSA Export Update Monday, December 10 th , 2018, we will be performing an update to the back-end of the LSA export which will resolve the below issues: Resolved issue with Housing Move-In Date calculation. Resolved issue with night-by-night shelters using non-ShelterPoint services to track night-by-night stays. Update code to match most up-to-date sample code proved by HUD. Per HUD, ALL customers will have to perform a new export and upload it to the HDX due to recent changes to HDX by HUD. This will need to be a "system-wide" export in order to quality as an official HUD submission. This will also need to occur after the changes are applied Monday. We will send out another announcement Monday once the changes have been applied to the back-end. If you have further questions please submit a case through the Customer Community.

HMIS NOFA Office Hours Cancelled

Resources and assistance to support HUD's community partners Home Programs Resources Training HMIS NOFA Office Hours Cancelled We deeply apologize for the technical difficulties experienced on the HMIS NOFA Office Hours call. We will reschedule the call for early next week. In the meantime, please submit your HMIS NOFA questions via the HMIS AAQ

Symposium registration is now open!

Register now for our 3rd Annual National Symposium on Solutions to End Youth Homelessness.