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The last time the Earth was this warm was 125,000 years ago

(Photo: Channi Annand, AP) The planet sizzled to its third straight record warm year in 2016, and human activity is to blame, federal scientists announced Wednesday. The last time the world was definitely warmer than today? Some 125,000 years ago based on paleoclimatic data from tree rings, ice cores, sediments and other ways of examining Earth's history, said NASA climate scientist  Gavin Schmidt said. The average temperature across the Earth's land and ocean surfaces in 2016 was 58.69 degrees, a whopping 1.69 degrees above average, according to the  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  (NOAA). It was largest margin by which an annual global temperature record has ever been broken, NOAA said. Although less than 2 degrees above average may sound small, it's quite a large number in climate science, where records are often broken by tenths or even hundredths of degrees. A separate analysis of data from NASA concurred with NOAA's findings. M

Homelessness Update

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