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HHS Releases Two New Reports on Using Medicaid to Cover Services for People in Permanent Supportive Housing

October 14, 2014      ISSUES   |   POLICY   |   SOLUTIONS   |   NEWS & EVENTS Forward Editor: Anna Blasco Spotlight On... HHS Releases Two New Reports on Using Medicaid to Cover Services for People in Permanent Supportive Housing The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) recently released two new reports on utilizing Medicaid for people experiencing homelessness. The first report describes opportunities for states to use Medicaid to support the health and behavioral health services needed by people experiencing chronic homelessness. It discusses Medicaid's legislative authorities, specific provisions in state Medicaid plans, benefit design, payment mechanisms, contract provisions, and implementation strategies that states could replicate or adapt. The second report is a study which describes findings from si

SSVF Program Update: October 10, 2014

1.      VA Data Guide – Addresses the New HMIS Data Standards! 2.      Recording of VEHU Session 3.      SOAR Veteran Brief 4.      Quarterly Reports 5.      The Benefits Assistance and Support System (BASS) Project 6.      Reminder: Priority 1 Webinar on October 16 th VA Data Guide and Upcoming Webinar – Addresses the New HMIS Data Standards! The VA Data Guide has been revised to include information regarding HUD's new HMIS data standards. The SSVF University site will post a number of new training materials for grantees on topics such as Data Collection & Reporting 101, Reporting Data through VA Repository, HMIS Beyond Data Collection, HMIS Leads and Vendors, and Data Quality.  As the HMIS data standards took effect on October 1 st , the SSVF Program Office is making every effort to post these materials by next week.  Please note that the SSVF Program Office will host a webinar on 10/30/2014 at 2:00 PM Eastern to provide instruction on the monthly da

Baltimore County HMIS News 10/14/14

Please view our HMIS News below, and note the new procedure for training requests.  Thank you! How to Register for HMIS Training  * NEW   HMIS Upgrade Requirement  * URGENT   HMIS User Forums   CoC Rating+Ranking Committee Scoring Results JASON BURNS , MCSE  Systems Administrator  HMIS Support Team Always use ServicePoint manuals. Contact us for support. NEVER guess! Spending a few moments to properly enter data, or contacting us, saves hours later. FAQ's:   News   *  Report Cards   *   Training   *   User Forums