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Youth Collaboration Webinar: Register Today

Whenever decisions are being made that impact young people, it’s important that youth are at the table and have equitable decision-making responsibilities. This can happen through a variety of approaches: working with young people to establish a youth leadership body, including one or more youth representatives on a board of directors, or creating opportunities for young people to speak for themselves. Young people who are receiving services should be encouraged to participate in decisions that directly impact their housing and well-being. Please join HUD and True Colors Fund to learn about how your community can create authentic and meaningful partnerships with youth who have experienced housing instability or homelessness. We are hosting two webinars on different dates with the same content to explore authentic youth collaboration. Please register for the webinar date and time that best fits your schedule using the links below. Register for the Tuesday, November 13, 20

Only 2 Days Left for Early Discounts - 2019 Summit

Early Registration Discounts End on Oct. 30th only 2 days left to get early discount rates Register today to take advantage of early registration discounted rates. Registration fees increase on October 31st.                 Register Now

WEBINAR: Exporting LSA Files from ServicePoint

This webinar highlights key changes between the LSA and the retired Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR). New HUD Export: LSA Bed Inventory Requirements November 8 at 11 am Eastern / 8 am Pacific Join us for an important training session in which we will review how WellSky's export tool will equip you to submit HUD's new Longitudinal Systems Analysis (LSA). The final parameters of the LSA are still under review at HUD, but WellSky will share our new export tool with you in advance of this training session. Look for an announcement on or shortly after October 31 when the tool is ready. We want to ensure you are fully prepared well before the official submission deadline of November 28, 2018. Under the new requirement, each Continuum of Care (CoC) will submit a single zip file containing 10 CSV files. Any data errors must be corrected in the source HMIS a