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News from the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness

Learn About Coordinated Entry in Houston! How Houston and Harris County Are Developing and Using Coordinated Entry to End Homelessness     Coordinated entry is key to using our housing and services resources as efficiently and effectively as possible. Read Ana Rausch's description of how the Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County and its partners have deployed coordinated entry across the community. Read Barbie Brashear and James Gonzalez's reflection on Houston's progress in implementing two pilot projects to test coordinated entry among domestic violence service providers. Analyzing Opportunities Within HUD's NOFA Registration Notice for the FY17 CoC Competition     HUD's registration notice, released April 10, creates opportunities to continue to strengthen communities' responses to homelessness, including the creation of a new Joint Component project type.

Enhancing Wraparound Approaches by Partnering with Faith-Based Community Organizations

April 25, 2017 Subscribe A roundup of articles from SAMHSA's continuously updated newsletter. Grantees Tap Faith-Based Community Organizations to Help Young People Systems of Care grantees enhance wraparound team approaches, like The Open Table model, by working with faith-based community organizations. Transitioning from Prison to Community New guidelines give behavioral health providers supportive approaches to help people with mental and substance use disorders successfully transition from prison. Severe Weather and Its Effects on Mental Health SAMHSA has dedicated resources through the Disaster Technical Assistance Center to help communities prepare for and eff