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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Baltimore County Point in Time Count 1/23/18


New Year’s Reminder: Review Available ESG Resources on the HUD Exchange

Happy New Year! While ringing in the start of 2018, HUD’s Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs (SNAPS) would like to remind you of the many resources available on the HUD Exchange for Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program recipients and subrecipients. Whether you are new to the ESG Program or just need a refresher, please take some time to browse through the guides, tools, and webinars designed to help you administer your program with greater ease and efficiency. Here is a catalogue of ESG Program materials to assist you: ESG Resources Page The ESG resources page is the central hub for all ESG information, where you can access ESG-applicable laws, regulations, and notices, plus ESG Program guides, tools, and webinars. These are all excellent resources to help staff learn or better understand the program. This page also houses links where staff can read past listserv messages , submit a question to the Ask a Question (AAQ) portal , view ESG aw

Could Rent Control Come Back?

In This Issue: Job Listings ● Shelterforce Top Ten of 2017 Wednesday, January 3, 2018 (Happy New Year!) In this Issue : Using Old Data to Debunk Gentrification's Role in Displacement ● Rent Control Advocacy on the Rise? ● The Details Behind Mobility Patterns ● Art's Power to Heal, and Destigmatize ● Also : Jobs ● Shelter Shorts Oft-Quoted Gentrification Data is Glaringly Stale Norman Oder, Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Report Though it may be hard to argue with research, looked at in contemporary context, these studies, rather than dismiss the existence of displacement actually suggest support for it. Especially in New York City. Read Full Article