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HUD LSA Update

HUD LSA Update For HMIS Customers WellSky has no plans to make any more code changes before the 11:59 PM PDT deadline today. We will provide assistance with adding comments to current errors/warnings. We will help research issues but please be aware that you must submit an LSA file to HUD and mark it as "Final Submission" before today's deadline.  HUD/Abt currently has no plans for extending this deadline. The following ART Gallery reports can be useful in reviewing potential data quality issues: 0227 - This report can be run for the full 3 year LSA period of 10/1/2015 - 09/30/2018 and this report has Input Controls to filter the program types on just providers included in the LSA export. This report can be useful for finding missing provider information or inventory information. The Bedlist tab of the report has an Input Control for the Inventory Id number which is listed in the