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SSVF Submission Update

Bowman Client Update SSVF Data Collection Update We are aware of the recent announcement sent out by the VA in regards to data collection/reporting changes. We will update ServicePoint in time for the deadline provided by the VA. Here is a synopsis of the full announcement: The VA wants to collect employment information and is adding "R6 Employment Status" as a required element to collect at project start and project exit for heads of households and adults served in SSVF-funded Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing programs. We, the vendor, have until April 30, 2018 to make this new field available in ServicePoint. The assessment question is currently available in ServicePoint and is in use by RHY providers. So you will need to copy your SSVF assessments and add this question to it to begin data collection. Please contact your CCA if you'd like assistance updating your assessments. We, the vendor are also required to make it av

Headlines: Response to the Opioid Epidemic and Infectious Diseases

March 8, 2018 SAMHSA Headlines—Your one-stop source for the latest from SAMHSA. National Partners' Response to the Opioid Epidemic and Infectious Diseases: Part 2 – Health Policy Perspectives March 8, 2018 | 3–4:30  p.m. Eastern Time Panelists will describe the use of existing federal guidance, policies, and resources that support their efforts – at the local, state, and national levels – to respond to the opioid epidemic and its infectious disease consequences. Data New SAMHDA Feature – Restricted-use Data Analysis System The enhanced Substance Abuse and Mental Health Data Archive (SAMHDA) has launched a new section of its website, the Restricted-use Data Analysis System (RDAS). Like the publicly accessible Public-use Data Analysis System, RDAS is a user-friendly application for online analyses to create and output crosstabs and perform logistic regression from your web browser. Only data fr

It's Time! Mediware Boot Camp Registration Now Open!

                                                            Registration is now open for the Mediware Boot Camp! Seating is limited -- register now! SIGN UP HERE > Dear Jason, It's time to register for Mediware Boot Camp, May 15-16, 2018, in Austin! Join us for two jam-packed days of discovery, hands-on training and collaboration with your peers from across the country. There is so much to cover, we have broken out the schedule into three separate tracks: one for ServicePoint, one for Qlik Sense, and one for our Spero software customers. ServicePoint Track. Delve into the newest innovations we're adding to ServicePoint 6. You can share your feedback and ideas, and have your voice heard as we work toward finalizing ServicePoint 6!  Qlik Sense Track.  ServicePoint custome

Homelessness Update

spotlight on... Catch Up On the 2018 National Conference on Ending Family & Youth Homelessness Even if you couldn’t make it to Los Angeles last week, you can still see highlights from the 2018 National Conference on Ending Family and Youth Homelessness. Check out the Alliance’s Facebook page to see Nan Roman’s opening keynote address ; as well as a Q&A with Sean Baker, director of The Florida Project;  and remarks