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Grant Announcement

Grant Announcement Mental and Substance Use Disorders Prevalence Study Application Due Date: Friday, August 16, 2019 SAMHSA is accepting applications for the Mental and Substance Use Disorders Prevalence Study (MDPS). In 2017, an estimated 35.4 million adults (14.3 percent) in U.S. households had a mental illness in the past year, and 18.7 million had a substance use disorder (SUD), while 8.5 million had both a mental disorder and SUD (co-occurring disorders). Of those with a mental illness, 11.2 million adults (24.0 percent) had serious functional impairment (serious mental illness [SMI]) that interfered with or limited one or more major life activities. Only 33% of those living with SMI received the care they needed. These data highlight that mental illness, particularly SMI, is a significant public health problem with substantial unmet treatment needs in the United States. However, current surveillance systems leave several

Affordable Housing: A Crisis

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NHSDC Fall 2019 Conference - Call for Session Proposals Due June 26th

Got innovative data work? Submit a proposal and show us your stuff! NHSDC Fall 2019 Call for Conference Session pro

HUD Publishes FY 2019 Rent Limits for HOME and HTF

Resources and assistance to support HUD's community partners Home Programs Resources Training HUD Publishes FY 2019 Rent Limits for HOME and HTF  HUD has released the FY 2019 Rent Limits for HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) and Housing Trust Fund (HTF). All updated limits are effective as of June 28, 2019. They are available on the