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Hill Watch: Final FY 2017 Funding and the American Health Care Act

Hill Watch:  Final FY 2017 Funding and the American Health Care Act House passes American Health Care Act; Congress passes FY 2017 appropriations bill When NCHV sent you an update on the appropriations process last week, the deal for FY 2017 looked like it was on the fast track to passage, but had yet to clear all of its hurdles. Now we can share that both chambers of Congress have in fact passed the legislation (H.R. 244) as we described it , and the President signed the bill on Friday, May 5, 2017. H.R. 244 provides funding for the remaining portion of FY 2017 for the entirety of the federal government.  This bill covers most of the federal government’s funding obligations, but not all.  As we have discussed in Hill Watch before, Congress has already agreed on the funding levels for the operations of VA in FY 2017.   This earlier agreement covered many of the programs that we consider to be the

HTF Monthly Report as of 4/30/17 Now Posted

HUD is now posting the Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Deadline Compliance Status Reports. These monthly reports assist grantees and HUD Field Offices in monitoring compliance with the 2-year commitment requirement of the HTF statute and the 5-year expenditure requirement of the HTF regulations. The current report is now posted on the HUD Exchange at the link below. You may also access it from the Housing Trust Fund Page under "HTF Program Reports." HTF Program Monthly Report as of 4/30/17 Now Available: HTF Deadline Compliance Status Reports             Visit the HUD Exchange at

RE: MARHMIS question - survivors of DV and Coord Assessment

We use VI-SPDAT in HMIS to assess clients for the coordinated assessment prioritization.  Our DV agency uses the same form but on paper.  They submit their clients using only a code (never a name) with their score and the agency identifier.  Then, when a DV client is at the top of the list, the offering agency can contact our DV agency and they (and they alone) can approach the client and get any additional info or forms.  All work from that point on is done  out of the public eye. Su Nottingham Bergen County Department of Human Services, One Bergen County Plaza, 2nd floor, Hackensack, NJ 07601 Phone 201-336-7461  Fax 201-336-7450  e-mail Confidentiality Notice: This e-mail, including any attachments, may be intended solely for the personal and confidentiality use of the sender and recipient (s) named above.  This message may include advisory, consultant and/or deliberate material and, as such, would be privileged and confidential

CAN Zumba Health Workshop 5/17, 2pm (Baltimore County, MD)


CAN Healthy Eating Workshop 5/22, 11am (Baltimore County, MD)