HMIS User Forums

    • WHO: All participating HMIS providers + existing HMIS users
      • This is not a new user training
    • WHAT: Open quarterly forum to collaborate, share news, practice policies, review updates, etc.  
      • This is not a new user training
    • WHERE: via WebEx only (see checklist at bottom)
    • WHEN: 3rd MON every 3 months (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct)
      • Subject to change at any time (mainly holidays)
    • WHY: Maintain CoC + HMIS stability, enhance performance, promote growth 
      • Review compliance, policies, regulations, data quality, performance, etc.
      • Venue for users to openly share ideas and express concerns
    • HOW: No registration required.  We'll send out reminders w/WebEx link

WebEx Checklist
  • Attendees must be in a quiet work environment
  • Must be in front of a computer w/internet
  • WebEx link + materials may be emailed prior to meeting
  • Call long distance via land-line or cell phone (do NOT use computer mic)
    • using computer mic sometimes causes reverb/echo
  • Test your computer's compatibility to WebEx at least one week prior