We’re Team HMIS, and This Is How We Work

Team HMIS is Jason Burns (HMIS Systems Admin) and Samantha Bochinski (HMIS Ops Mgr).  We provide data administration, analysis, trainings, and technical support for human services agencies (homeless, prevention, health, veterans, etc.).  Due to limited funding and staffing in our line of work, we try our best to maximize our productivity with smart technology while maintaining the human element of personalized service.  We strive to produce meaningful data, while also creating time-saving workflows and resources to ensure our agencies are able to properly serve their clients. 

This is molded after the Lifehacker "How I Work" blogs, and will outline some of the basic tools we use on a daily basis to efficiently assist our programs.  All of the software listed here is free, and synced real-time across Team HMIS staff devices (PC's, phones, tablets, etc.).

Location: Towson, Maryland
3 words that best describe your work: Accountability + Collaboration + Transparency
Current mobile device: Android 
Current computer: PC's and Chromebooks

CALENDAR: Google Calendar
·         Syncs real-time with other calendars (Outlook, Novell, Gmail, Apple, etc.)
·         Posted on Team HMIS website for transparency + syncs real-time with our calendars
·         Detailed appointment descriptions, attachments, and maps
·         Reflects our real-time availability for scheduling purposes (see screenshot below)

CLOUD STORAGE: Google Drive + IFTTT + One Drive + Dropbox
·         Google Drive cloud storage + online collaboration + sharing (see screenshots below)
·         IFTTT recipes auto-save emails + attachments in specific cloud storage folders
·         One Drive cloud storage + sharing
·         Dropbox cloud storage + sharing

DATA ANALYSIS: Forms + Analytics + Sheets
·         Forms data auto-populated into Sheets with graphs
·         Data + monthly Performance Reports posted online at Team HMIS website (see screenshots below)
·         Analytics web and app data
·         Sheets simple templates and formulas

EMAIL: Gmail + Streak + IFTTT + Outlook
·         Gmail filters trigger action items for staff + auto-archive into folders + auto forward
·         Gmail labs efficiency + personalization
·         Streak auto-complete for common form emails
·         Streak project management pipelines
·         IFTTT recipes auto-save emails + attachments in specific cloud storage folders
·         IFTTT recipes label + post email newsletters to  Team HMIS News Blog
·         Outlook mobile app hold all email accounts

MEETINGS: Free Conference Call + TeamViewer + WebEx
·         Free Conference Call teleconferencing + basic web meetings
·         TeamViewer basic web meetings
·         WebEx teleconferencing + enhanced web meetings/trainings

MESSAGING/VOICE: Hangouts + Voice + SMS + Groups
·         Hangouts messaging/video meetings
·         Voice phone number rings office lines + cell phones simultaneously
·         Voice online voicemail services
·         SMS basic messaging
·         Groups private emails for specific groups

NEWS/UPDATES: Blogger + IFTTT + Flipboard + Feedly + Pocket
·         Blogger post news + updates to  Team HMIS News Blog (see screenshot below)
·         IFTTT recipes label + post email newsletters to  Team HMIS News Blog
·         Flipboard industry related news
·         Feedly industry related news
·         Pocket saves industry related news from websites to read later

​​OFFICE SUITE: MS Office +Docs + Sheets + Slides + Forms + WPS
·         MS Office online office suite
·         Google Docs online + offline office suite
·         Google Docs online real-time collaboration on same docs
·         WPS mobile app edit + view office suite docs

PROJECT MGMT: Trello + Keep + Sheets
·         Trello online project management with simple layout + easy collaboration (note: we now use Asana)
·         Google Keep simple checklists + notes
·         Google Sheets synced online

SECURITY: SSL + HTTPS + AES + 2 Step Verification
·         SSL enabled by default on all applicable platforms
·         HTTPS enabled by default on all applicable platforms
·         AES (128 bit + 256 bit) encryption utilized when needed
·         2 Step Verification enabled by default on applicable platforms

SUPPORT: Sites + Forms + Calendar + Sheets + TeamViewer
·         Sites online Support Portal + resources
·         Forms support request questionnaire posted on  Team HMIS website 
·         Google Calendar posted online to reflect availability for users scheduling meetings/trainings
·         Sheets track support requests + formulas produce graphs (see screenshot below)
·         TeamViewer remote desktop support

WEBSITE: Google Sites

·         Team HMIS website for forms, guidelines, workflows, reports, and support requests 
·         Simple user-friendly web interface + lightweight + fast + mobile-friendly