Warren Buffett: Predatory Lender | Plus posts by Doug Ryan, Michael Hickey, Daniel Kravetz, Miriam Axel-Lute, Brent Kakesako, and more!

Tuesday April 21, 2015

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William Cordery to Join Surdna's Strong Local Economies Team
Cordery is an experienced grantmaker with deep roots in social justice work


US SIF 2015 Conference
Sustainable Investing: Risk, Value, Impact! This event offers a unique opportunity to network with leaders of the sustainable, responsible and impact investing community, and to learn about new approaches, trends and policy developments in the field.
May 4- May 6
Chicago, IL

Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference
The Center for Community Progress conference will be held in Detroit, Michigan on May 19-21

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Warren Buffett: Predatory Lender

By Doug Ryan, CFED

A company Berkshire Hathaway owns has been been indulging in some of the same tactics that led to the larger housing crisis about 10 years ago--misleading loan terms, underwater homeowners, huge default rates, and questionable practices that look a lot like steering. Will the fact that the homes in question are manufactured mean... More

From Rooflines, the Shelterforce Blog

Michael Hickey
Nonprofit Leaders As Tech Innovators. Is That a Good Idea?

By Michael Hickey, Fund for Public Schools

You don't have to become an expert coder to better understand how tech solutions can make a difference and work for your mission. Just approach it like you would any other issue. And I have a plan. All you need is... More

Engaging Banks--And Fighting Them at the Same Time

At his annual conference, NCRC seemed to be conducting a balancing act: on one hand it offered a polite welcome to bankers, on the other... More

Corrected Link: Municipalities Leverage Resources to Support 
Family Wealth-Building

By Brent Kakesako, HACBED

Ho'owaiwai is a Hawaiian word that broadly translates to a vision of wealth that is more than financial, and encompasses relationships with family, place, and culture. Hawai'i County, specifically the Office of Housing & Community Development, is using that principle and their power to create better financial outcomes for low to moderate income families on the island... More 

Corrected Link: Solar for the People

By Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce

An affordable housing complex put solar panels on its roof! This is about the "real sharing economy" and following Naomi Klein's dictum that "the people who got the worst deal in the old economy should be the first in line to benefit in the new economy." But somewhere buried down at the end of the article is a concern that seemed to me to be a fairly big point--none of the people living in the building have... More 

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New Report from NACEDA: 
Financial Empowerment In a Thriving Community Development Network 

Funded by the PNC Foundation, the report assesses 18 state and regional community develop-ment associations' engagement in financial empowerment activities. Read the full report here.

The Answer

Q: Are manufactured homes a bad form of affordable housing?

ANot any more!

Since 1976, manufactured homes have been built to a federal HUD code that ensures the same safety and quality standards as stick-built homes. In addition, many new manufactured homes are being built to high energy efficiency standards...

Read more and download The Answer here!


Opportunity Finance Network
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The essential functions of the position are to design methods to collect primary data from CDFIs, including financial performance, portfolio activity and performance, and community outcomes. Clean survey data, conduct data analyses, develop and undertake issue-focused research based on OFN's primary data as well as other data, and disseminate findings to broad audiences. 

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
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The Bank's Outreach and Education Function engages, empowers, and educates the public in the Second District. Our outreach mission furthers the Bank's commitment to the region by listening to the communities we serve and leveraging our unique attributes to positively impact them.

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