ACTION NEEDED: PIT Reports + Provider Information

Good morning!  It's that time of year again to collect PIT data.  Also, we need ServicePoint provider info from HMIS Admins if you receive funds from state agencies.  Please see the notes below, and contact me with any questions/concerns.  I'm always glad to assist.  Thank you! 
  • 2015 PIT Data Collection (due 6/5)
  • DHCD (ESG) Recipients due (6/5)
  • DHMH (CoC Program) Recipients due (6/5)
  • DHMH (PATH) Recipients due (6/5)
  • DHR (ETHS, HCAP, HPP, HWCS, SLH) Recipients due (6/5)
    • Enter your ServicePoint provider info
    • Most of their funding usually subsidizes our existing providers that also receive other funding sources.  If you already have that provider(s) setup in your system, you do NOT have to create an additional provider.  You would only have to create a new provider if your DHR funded provider(s) was never created in your system.  Just be sure to include all of your providers that receive DHR funding. 
    • Please make sure providers are setup to use the standard workflow for collecting HUD CoC APR data.  Effective 7/1.
    • A list of service transaction codes will be emailed to everyone shortly.  Effective 7/1.

Jason Burns, MCSE
Systems Administrator

Always use our manuals. NEVER guess! Proper data saves hours!