Transportation Trumps Schools for Escaping Poverty
Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Why Would a Latino Community Center Post Signs in Arabic?

By James Anderson

Community-based organizations say they serve "the community." But when neighborhoods change, how do community organizations stay relevant and also true to their mission?  More

Janis Bowdler

Citizenship Is an Asset!

By Janis Bowdler
A bank account. A college degree. A home. Citizenship should be considered an asset like these. What does that mean for the asset-building field? More

From Rooflines, the Shelterforce Blog

Axel-Lute Transportation Trumps Crime, Schools, for Escaping Poverty

By Miriam Axel-Lute
New research on social mobility says commute times and access to reliable transportation are much more important than we thought. When it comes to how we design policies and programs, this means... More

Headshot of Denise Fairchild, director of Emerald Cities
What Do Baltimore's Riots and Hurricane Sandy Have in Common?

By Denise Fairchild, Emerald Cities Collaborative

Resilience is a word most often applied to communities devastated by weather-related disasters. But how does it apply to cities like Baltimore that are reeling from civic unrest? More

Steve DubbA Post-Recession Wake-Up Call for Community Development

By Steve Dubb, Democracy Collaborative

The Great Recession provided a clear lesson that building wealth through homeownership, while important, is grossly insufficient as a strategy for community economic transformation. Our field has yet to fully adjust to this trauma, but to do so, we need to combine... More

You Said It!

My only comment on Dreier's interesting piece is that he to falls into the either/or trap instead of the and/both camp. He is right about shared prosperity, but we can at the same time be working on all the challenges real life families face today as we try to change public policy over time.  We can and MUST do both. --Chris Krehmyer, on "The Revitalization Trap"

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Funding Opportunity: Center for Community Progress, Technical Assistance Scholarship Project

Center for Community Progress is now welcoming applications, due June 30, 2015, for the third round of its Technical Assistance Scholarship Project. Selected recipients are awarded up to 200 hours of direct technical assistance at a significantly reduced rate. Community Progress will select up to four applicants that demonstrate creativity and a willingness to take some risk.
Applications can focus on topics including data and information systems, tax collection and enforcement reform, strategic code enforcement, land bank and land banking program evaluation, vacant land maintenance and reuse strategies, other compelling topics. 

Download the request for applications here. On Tuesday, June 2, there will an informational webinar on the application process. 

The Answer

Q: Why doesn't the market produce enough affordable housing where people want it?

A: Location, location, location... The value of housing is tied to location. In desirable locations there is a limit...

Read more and download The Answer here!


Omaha Municipal Land Bank
Omaha, NE 

The founding Executive Director will assemble their own team, in part to compliment the particular skills and knowledge he or she brings to the task. However, the Executive Director must be a proven leader with an entrepreneurial spirit. The position requires the Executive Director be well versed in finance, real estate, accounting, management and public relations.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
New York, NY

The Bank's Outreach and Education Function engages, empowers, and educates the public in the Second District. Our outreach mission furthers the Bank's commitment to the region by listening to the communities we serve and leveraging our unique attributes to positively impact them.

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