Why Place-Based Doesn't Work | Posts By Rick Jacobus, Bill Bynum, Peter Dreier, Sam Dolgin-Gardner, Cristina Tzintzun, Fernando Pages Ruiz

Tuesday May 19, 2015

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Shelterforce 172
Winter 2012/2013

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We're baaaaaaack!

Thank you so much to our kind and loyal readers for your sweet messages of support while the Shelterforce and Rooflines web presence was in critical condition last week. It's up and moving about now, albeit still requiring a little physical therapy and plans for some elective surgery in a few months. 

In the meantime, we have so much great stuff we've been itching to share with you. Please, read on, and if you'd like to donate to the recovery fund, you can do so here

From Shelterforce Online

Peter Dreier headshot
"Revitalization" Is a Trap

By Peter Dreier

Place-based initiatives won't address the kinds of injustice and poverty that community development was formed to fight...  More

Immigrant Workers Gain Ground in ... Texas?!

By Cristina TzintzĂșn
How are immigrant, undocumented workers fighting the largest industry in the second largest state in the nation? More

One Floor Plan Doesn't Fit All

By Fernando PagĂ©s Ruiz 
The American Dream may not look the same across all cultures. Luckily... More

From Rooflines, the Shelterforce Blog

The Swiss Army Knife of Community Development

By Bill Bynum, HOPE
One of the oldest, and most proven, tools in the community development toolbox often gets overlooked by elected officials and philanthropy. What is it, and what will it take to get it into more communities in crisis? More

Is Manufacturing Dead? Not in Indianapolis

Many older cities have given up hoping for any jobs except low-wage service work and the holy grail of "knowledge economy" positions. But some folks in Indy are making everyone think again... More

What Would It Look Like to Win?

By Rick Jacobus, Cornerstone Partnership

Proponents of economic integration as a great equalizer seem to be missing the most important point on (affordable) housing... More

Featured Resources

Funding Opportunity: Assets for Independence (AFI) 
Demonstration Program

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Office of Community Services (OCS) is seeking applications for the Assets for Independence (AFI) demonstration program. 

AFI enables community-based nonprofits and government agencies to implement asset-building projects serving low-income individuals and their families. AFI grantees enroll participants to save earned income in special-purpose, matched savings accounts called Individual Development Accounts (IDAs).  Every dollar that a participant deposits into an AFI IDA is matched (with from $1 to $8 in combined federal and non-federal funds) by the AFI project, promoting savings and enabling participants to acquire a lasting asset. To learn more, click here.

"Make Room" Launches 
One in four families who rent are paying half their income--or more--to keep a roof over their heads. Make Room (sponsored by Enterprise Community Partners) will be staging concerts, convening forums, and sharing stories--all to deepen awareness and urge our nation's leaders to act. And as part of the Concerts for the 1st series, top musical artists will lend their voices with performances in the living rooms of affected families. More

You Said It!

I've been making these kinds of arguments to my community development students since Ferguson. Glad to see Shelterforce and Miriam Axel-Lute making these arguments more visibly and publicly. --James DeFilippis, on "Community Development and #BlackLivesMatter: What's Our Role?"

On the website crash:
(and her sisters) is like a colleague for me--I work from home. I so regret this challenge for all of you that make these great resources happen. I hope for a quick resolution--as much for me as for all of you. --Keri-Nicole Dillman

Wishing you a speedy recovery--I love Shelterforce! --Hilary King
O Rooflines, please rise again, I miss you terribly. --David Holtzman

The Answer

Q: Are manufactured homes a bad form of affordable housing?

ANot any more!

Since 1976, manufactured homes have been built to a federal HUD code that ensures the same safety and quality standards as stick-built homes. In addition, many new manufactured homes are being built to high energy efficiency standards...

Read more and download The Answer here!


Omaha Municipal Land Bank
Omaha, NE 

The founding Executive Director will assemble their own team, in part to compliment the particular skills and knowledge he or she brings to the task. However, the Executive Director must be a proven leader with an entrepreneurial spirit. The position requires the Executive Director be well versed in finance, real estate, accounting, management and public relations.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
New York, NY

The Bank's Outreach and Education Function engages, empowers, and educates the public in the Second District. Our outreach mission furthers the Bank's commitment to the region by listening to the communities we serve and leveraging our unique attributes to positively impact them.

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