Place-Based v. MTO: How About Solidarity Instead?
Thursday, June 4, 2015

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From Shelterforce Online

Serving the Community, In Their Language 
By Keli Tianga, Shelterforce

As the languages and cultures community groups serve change and multiply, how do they keep up? More

From Rooflines, the Shelterforce Blog

An Answer to San Francisco's Housing Woes?
By James Tracy, San Francisco Community Land Trust

Tracy Parent writes the budgets, pro-formas, and finance plans that put teeth into the idea of a "right to the city." In this Q&A she explains... More 

Gregory Squires Place, Poverty, and Politics: A Growing Divide 
By Greg Squires, George Washington University
Virtually all parties to this debate pay at least lip service to the need for both relocation and reinvestment. The challenge is whether agreement on such a dual agenda will become more than a throwaway line. To more concretely illustrate the emerging divide... More

Axel-Lute Seeking Solidarity Between Place-Based and Economic Justice Work

By Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce

We need both a nationwide push for full employment and higher wages and an understanding of how place affects opportunity--but what does it mean concretely to act as if both are important and interdependent?... More

Local Hire: Popular and Controversial

By Laura Barrett, Gamaliel

For once the "good guys" seem to be prevailing on the DOT's local hire pilot program. This is good, but the program could be better. Here's how... More

You Said It!

Thank you, Gregory for an important post around the place-mobility debate. I have a simple approach to my CED work: Place-Based, People-Centered. At times, the approach is to strengthen efforts to empower communities and residents. Other times, families should seek opportunities through mobility. I share a similar fear and frustration that unless you endorse mobility as THE means for improving the lives of families and individuals then you're complicit in resegregation and promoting concentration of poverty in our neighborhoods. I will remain steadfast that an approach that embraces being place-based and people-centered allows for a two-prong approach to improve our communities. --Ray Neirinckxon "Place, Poverty, and Politics: A Growing Divide"
It is important for all of us who advocate for a "both/and" approach that encompasses both community revitalization and housing mobility, to acknowledge how far we are from any real balance in our national housing policy. Housing mobility, inclusionary zoning, and opportunity-based development in the LIHTC program are just a small fraction of our overall low-income housing investment. This is particularly true for families with children, and in our segregated metropolitan areas. Until we come to terms with the extent of this imbalance, it will be difficult to come to a real consensus on the kind of "balance" we are seeking. --Phil Tegeler, on "Place, Poverty, and Politics: A Growing Divide"

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Bounce Forward: Urban Resilience in the Era of Climate Change

Bounce Forward, a collaboration between the Kresge Foundation and Island Press, offers a framework for thinking about the critical role that U.S. cities have in mitigating the impacts of climate change and explores how urban areas can anticipate and plan for turbulent times brought on by drastic changes in the physical environment.

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