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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

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Dr. Obery M. Hendricks, Jr. has joined the Opportunity Agenda as its Senior Fellow on Faith and Opportunity. Dr. Hendricks has been called "one of the greatest intellectuals and most exciting scholars in America today." Read more about Dr. Hendricks here.


Racial Wealth Inequality at the Metropolitan Area and National Levels: Findings and Implications

As the wide racial wealth gap continues to increase, millions of families nationwide lack enough assets to offer better opportunities for future generations. What is the extent and what are the implications of racial wealth inequality? Learn what several recent studies reveal in this Connecting Communities® webinar on 7/16. Learn more here.

Building One America National Summit for Inclusive Suburbs and Sustainable Regions, 7/23 and 7/24, Washington, DC

The Summit will involve local leaders and federal and state policy makers to seek bipartisan solutions to the challenges around housing, schools and infrastructure facing America's metropolitan regions and its middle-class suburbs. Information and registration here.

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From Rooflines, the Shelterforce Blog

Braiding Resources, Place, and Opportunity  
By Bill Bynum 
How can community development organizations use "braiding" as a metaphor to address poverty and inequality in the places they operate?  . . . More 

From Shelterforce Online: The Aging Issue

Meeting the Housing Needs of an Aging Population     
By Jennifer Hrabchak Molinsky and Christopher Herbert
What are the challenges and policy solutions to housing our nation's growing senior population? . . . More 

Keeping Seniors Healthy and Connected . . . through Housing   
By Noreen Beatley and Jill Breysse
A recent survey shows that architects and housing developers are taking innovative approaches to building eco-friendly senior complexes that encourage residents to  . . .  More 

Housing Beyond the Nuclear Family
By Shante Booker
For a multitude of reasons, households in which two or more generations of relatives live under one roof have doubled in the last 30 years. Some groups are thinking outside the box to make this old--yet new--way of living more affordable and comfortable  . . .  More 

You Said It!

The mainstream media loves to focus on conflict among communities of color and oppressed peoples, trying to trump up-or worse, invent-competition within the working class rather than shedding light on the widening gap between privileged elites and working folks fighting for economic, health and social equity.  Glad Shelterforce is bringing national attention to CJJC's movement-building work here in Oakland to establish a common-sense standard: the right of property owners to profit off market rate housing should not . . . --Lin Chin on Tenant Solidarity in Oakland


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