How to Screw Up Less After the Next Big Storm
Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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Ten Years After Hurricane Katrina

5 Absurd Reasons Why Pre-Katrina NOLA Homeowners Aren't All Home  
By M.A. Sheehan, Lower Ninth Ward Homeowners Association 

Serious flaws in the Road Home program have kept many hard-working homeowners from coming back to the Lower Ninth Ward. What were they, and how can we do it better next time? . . .  More 

Shelter, Food, and . . . Legal Services 

By Katy Reckdahl 
If you care about equity, legal aid belongs high on the list of crucial disaster recovery programs . . .  More 

Is Flood Insurance About to Drown Homeowners?

By Christie Peale, Center for NYC Neighborhoods  
In the face of climate change, flood insurance rates are rising steeply. Here's why, and five ways to keep lower income homeowners above water . . .  More 

Streetcars Are Pretty, but NOLA Needs Buses

By Casius Pealer, Tulane University  

80 percent of New Orleans's population is back, but just 45 percent of transit service has returned. The state of transit in the city is a mirror of its unequal recovery because . . . More 


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Segregation Conversation Goes National 

By Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce   
When so much of the country still believes in cultural causes of poverty, it is too bad that those of us who don't aren't speaking with one voice in response. . . More 

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