The Chronic Failure of Nonprofits
Wednesday, August 12, 2015

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John Hamilton, long-time president of City First Enterprises, resigned in July and became president emeritus. Hamilton is the Democratic nominee for mayor of his hometown of Bloomington, Ind. Robert Burns, currently president and CEO of City First Homes, will serve as acting executive director of CFE and continue in both roles. Read more about CFE  here.


Inclusionary Housing: Making it Work in Your Community

Wed, August 19 | Philadelphia, PA

Cornerstone Partnership will hold an Inclusionary Housing (IH) course at the NeighborWorks Training Institute. This introductory session will give you a solid understanding of IH policies and programs and will teach you best practices through case studies. Register here.

Webinar: Equitable Transit-Oriented Development (ETOD): Increasing Connectivity and Mobility for All | August 20

ETOD can improve access to quality housing, jobs, education, and other pillars of healthy communities-especially for low- and moderate-income households. On this webinar, join national experts to explore models of communities achieving equitable growth around transit. Register here.

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Same-sex Couples Can Love, But Where Can They Live?  

By Nicole Barden, National Community Reinvestment Coalition        

States, localities, and HUD have created policies that cleverly address the predicament of protecting same-sex couples from housing discrimination who are not in states with equitable laws. However, a same-sex couple's rights to housing should not be . . . More 

The Chronic Failure of Nonprofits  
By Jessica Wernli, United Congregations of Metro-East 

In negotiating, you ask for more than what you think you'll get, you're low-balled, and then (hopefully) you end up somewhere in the middle. But what happened when residents of East St. Louis finally asked for more? . . .  More 

Do Developers Know They'll Get Old, Too? 

By Ted Wysocki, Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA  
July marked the 20th anniversary of a heatwave that killed over 700 Chicagoans--many of whom were elderly and isolated--and exposed deep flaws in the way we keep our seniors healthy and connected to community. Has anything changed?  . . . More 


You Said It!

"We have had this phenomenon in certain areas of Florida for some time. They were paying more than appraised value, no contingencies, 20 day close. The first time home buyer or nonprofit cannot play in that field. The good news is that they have run up prices to the point that they are now priced out of their own market. My concern is what happens when these mega companies begin to divest themselves of properties?" --Anthony Jones on REO to Rental: Wall Street's Latest Idea Hurts California Communities 

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Director of Real Estate
Denver, CO
This position will establish, maintain and nurture effective relationships with brokers, development partners, lenders, foundations, nonprofit partners, and representatives of local, state and federal government agencies, and other community constituents, as appropriate. . . More

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Membership Director, National Alliance of Community Economic Development Associations


Executive Director, Community Partners for Affordable Housing

Deputy Director, Metro West Collaborative Development

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