Wall Street's Troubling Activity in California

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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Build Healthy Places Network's #Network Commons, August 20, 3pm EST.
Public health leaders will reflect on the importance of place, neighborhoods, and the role of the community development sector in improving health and well-being in this virtual discussion.

Live Event: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Google+ Hangout,
August 7, 2:15pm EST.
Learn what it takes to be an RWJF Culture of Health Prize winner and hear from past winners.


Kellie Terry, an experienced environmental justice organizer, will join the Surdna Foundation as a program officer for the Sustainable Environments program.

CFED hires Dedrick Muhammad to serve as its first-ever director, Racial Wealth Divide, to lead its new initiative on the racial wealth divide. Read more of CFED's work on the racial wealth divide here.

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REO to Rental: A Troubling Trend in California
By Divya Rao and Kevin Stein

In their latest iteration of predation, Wall Street investment companies are purchasing distressed single-family mortgages in bulk, muscling out first-time homebuyers,
and . . . More

New Workforce Legislation Makes Community Groups Disappear 

By Brian Holland 
The newly updated Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) has two changes in it that exacerbate a decade-long policy trend to make community-based organizations less relevant in workforce development . . . More 

Seattle Eyes Zoning's Third Rail . . . Single Family Neighborhoods   

By Miriam Axel-Lute       

Planners often speak about "maintaining the character of single-family neighborhoods" with the sort of devotion reserved for violent gods who punish transgressions swiftly and with vindictiveness . . . More 


You Said It!

"An inherent problem here is that poverty is harmful to the people who live in it, is imposed by social structures, economic, government and social policies, but also causes poor people to do things that both contribute to staying poor and cause outsiders to blame them instead of the social structures for their poverty." -Stanley Hirtle on We Know Whose Fault Poverty Is--So Why Do Our Terms Blame the Poor?  


Policy Brief: Making Inclusionary Housing More Flexible 

A new brief released today by the center for Housing Policy at the National Housing Conference presents four ideas for improving the flexibility of inclusionary housing while at the same time promoting mixed-income neighborhoods. The policy brief, Making Inclusionary Housing More Flexible: Four Ideas for Urban Settings, outlines how places such as San Diego, Montgomery County, Md., Boston, and Boulder, Colo. are extending more compliance options to developers. Download the report.

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