Recording posted for 2015 HMIS System Administrator Summer Training Series: Reporting Webinar

Afternoon all!

Thank you for enrolling in the 2015 HMIS System Administrator Summer Training Series: Reporting webinar, which was held on August 26th.  

View Supportive Materials
If you were unable to attend the webinar, you can now view the presentation slides under Related Materials and Resources on the webinar's Course page on HUD Exchange Training & Events. The webinar recording has also been posted.

Update Learning Transcript
If you attended the live webinar or wish to receive credit for reviewing the recording, you may mark the course complete in the HUD Exchange Learn:
  1. Navigate to the webinar's Course page, and select Get Credit to be redirected to the HUD Exchange Learn
  2. Enter your HUD Exchange username and password (if prompted) and select Enter 
  3. Select Enroll 
  4. On the next screen, select Mark as Complete 

Submit Questions
If the webinar ended before we could get to your question, or if you have any additional questions about the webinar content, please submit your questions via the HUD Exchange Ask A Question. Make sure to select "HMIS" from the "My question is related to:" pick list in Step 2.

Also, please note that I have no ability to provide technical support for the HUD Exchange website itself; website administration is handled by a different TA Provider. If you have technical issues with the HUD Exchange, or with the HUD Exchange Learn system, including account and password issues, you may reach their help desk by navigating to this website:

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