Reminder: Due Today 8/31 & Extension Requests Due Tomorrow 9/1

Hi Team,

I hope that you are doing well. This is just a reminder that requests for extensions are due today. Program changes are due tomorrow. If you have questions or are encountering issues, please let me know before 2pm today.

To help with planning, I am including a list of grantees that have submitted extension requests in GIFTs for our region (as of 7am this morning). Please refer to the information from Friday (below), if you need additional guidance on extension requests.  

Extension Requests Received as of 7am on 8/31
Black Veterans for Social Justice, Inc.
Catholic Charities of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse NY
Community Action Partnership
Project PLASE, Inc.
Housing Counseling Services
Lynn Housing Authority Development Group, Inc.
Samaritan Village, Inc.
Soldier On of Delaware, Inc.
Soldier On, Inc.
Veterans Outreach Center, Inc.
Veterans Outreach Center, Inc.
Volunteers of America of Massachusetts, Inc.
Westchester Community Opportunity Program, Inc. (WestCOP)
The Workplace, Inc.

Thanks so much!


Adrienne Nash Meléndez, MLD
SSVF Regional Coordinator
VA National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans

From: Melendez, Adrienne
Sent: Friday, August 28, 2015 11:06 AM.
Subject: Read Now & Forward To Finance Staff: SSVF Program Changes and Extensions
Importance: High

Hi SSVF Program Managers and Team,

It is very, very important that you read through this email. As discussed on our Super Region call last week, grantees are responsible for managing deadlines and for reaching out proactively before deadlines. We cannot follow up individually; we need you to reach out to us. If a deadline is missed, there will be no exceptions; you will forfeit your opportunity. Lastly, I know that most of our team is really strong with deadlines, and I really appreciate your help. Therefore, please use this email as a refresher; there is no need to respond unless you have questions.

I need you to do 3 things for me.

1.       Read and understand this email.
2.       Share this information with your finance staff. (Email it to them and follow up verbally)
3.       Meet the deadlines as they pertain to your grant(s).

Monday 8/31
·         Request for an Extension
o   Grantees that requested an extension through the online survey should have received a requirement in GIFTs.
o   This requirement must be completed by 8/31.
§  If you need an extension but do not see the requirement, email me today with your grant number.
o   Please note that the extension is for 60 days. This is different than past years where we allowed 90 days. Please keep this timeline in mind as you prepare your final budget modifications.

Tuesday 9/1
·         Last Program Change Request
o   The last request is due by 9/1 close of business. Late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted.
o   This process was reviewed on our Super Region call last week. These are still emailed (see Guide) with me cc'd to your request.
o   If you have questions, ask now.
o   Please refer to the Companion Guide for Program Changes for more information

·         Community Plan Submissions are due on 9/15 (deadline was extended from 9/1 to 9/15)

I really appreciate your hard work.

Have a great weekend!


Always use our manuals. NEVER guess! Proper data saves hours!