SSVF Program Update September 3rd 2015

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Please find the latest SSVF Program Update. As always, my brief summary should not replace your very thorough read.
1.       Community Plan Updates are due on 9/15
2.       Please help us by completing the SOAR survey by 9/17
3.       Prevention Webinar and Forms: Information from the 8/17 Webinar on the SSVF Annual Report and Prevention Screener are included as well as the recorded webinar
4.       The HUD-VA HMIS Guidance that you received earlier this week is included.
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From: SSVF
Sent: Thursday, September 03, 2015 3:34 PM
Subject: SSVF Program Update September 3rd 2015
Importance: High

  1. Updates to Community Plans: Due September 15, 2015
2.     SSVF SOAR Survey: Due September 17, 2015
3.     Homelessness Prevention Screening Forms and link to Webinar Recording.
4.     Resource:  VA Releases Guidance on Read Only and Direct Entry Access to HMIS
1.      Updates to Community Plans: Due September 15th, 2015

Thanks to all communities for submitting the July updates on community plans.    For the September update, we are asking all communities to submit the completed Excel version of the Community Plan.

The SSVF Program has contacted to all communities who did submit a completed July plan.  If a Community is submitting a plan for the first time, then a complete toolkit is required.  Please review the existing Community Plans at and access the online form for submitting updates by September 15th.  The online form will be active beginning September 7th.

2.      SSVF SOAR Survey: Due September 17th, 2015
The SSVF Program Office is proud of the work that SSVF grantees are doing with SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR). To better understand grantee needs related to SSI/SSDI access, the SSVF Program Office would like grantees to complete a survey for each of their grants by Thursday, September 17th. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes. To access the survey, please use this link

3.      Homelessness Prevention Webinar Recording and Forms
The SSVF National Webinar on August 17th presented the new Homelessness Prevention screening form and instructions.   Grantees may begin to use this form immediately; however it will be a required version as of October 1, 2015.   The forms and webinar recording will be available on the SSVF University in the near future.  For your reference the forms are attached and the link to the webinar recording is:

Grantees are encouraged to review the Prevention Screening Policy and procedure and training staff accordingly. 

4.      Resource:  VA Releases Guidance on Read Only and Direct Entry Access to HMIS
VA's Homeless Program Office released national guidance regarding VAMC staff seeking read only and/or direct entry access to a CoC's HMIS.  Both HUD and VA are excited to share with you the correspondence below that went out to VA's Mental Health Leads and Network Homeless Coordinators earlier this month. We anticipate that communities will have questions and this listserv is the first step in answering those; please refer to the FAQs at end of the guidance for additional clarification.  Guidance attached in email.

Thank you,

SSVF Program Office

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