The Perfect Solution to Homelessness
Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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The Federal Reserve Board has created the Community Advisory Council, composed of individuals who will provide information, advice, and recommen-
dations to the board on a wide range of relevant policy matters and emerging issues of interest. Many names on the CAC will be familiar to Shelterforce readers. Read the full press release


The Future of Affordable Homeownership in NYC | September 30

The Center for NYC Neighborhoods at New York Law School will bring together more than 300 of your peers in the fields of housing, finance, government, media, and more. Panels topics will include the wealth gap, neighborhoods in transition, and community land trusts --the latter moderated by NHI executive director Harold Simon. Event details and registration here.

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And Let Us Not Forget Compassion   

By Keli Tianga, Shelterforce  
Pope Francis visited a Catholic primary school in East Harlem's El Barrio neighborhood. It is a community that in the past four decades was among the country's poster children for the inner city slum, but is now facing the gentrification sprawl that is affecting all of the city's once-poorer neighborhoods . . . More 

The EPA Is Aiding Environmental Racism 
By Laura Barrett, Center for Health, Environment & Justice 
The EPA is making news lately. Unfortunately, it's not for protecting the environment or victims of pollution. Activist groups, journalists, and low income residents of communities affected by toxins are all taking the EPA to task because . . . More 


When Developers Say "I Can't", Show Them This   
By Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce  
Inclusionary housing has been around for decades. It encompasses a range of policies that call on developers to contribute toward creating affordable homes, either within their new developments, offsite, or through a fee. The tricky part is that a good inclusionary program has a lot of nuance to it, and it can be hard for city planners to combat "not profitable" complaints from developers. Enter two tools that should make life much easier . . . More 

Randy Shaw

The Perfect Solution to Homelessness 
By Randy Shaw, Tenderloin Housing Clinic 
With a combination of housing and supportive services, the nation's cities have developed a perfect solution to homelessness. The problem is . . . More  


You Said It!

In 2005, the neighborhood I lived in was hit by the man-made floods caused by levee breaks after August 29 and Hurricane Katrina. Many of the older residents -- who had been there since World War II -- moved out. Their homes were demolished, and MacMansions took their places.

Gentrification to us last hold-outs (many of us have been here since World War II) in the area means that the people who build the new houses don't intend to stay. They plan to sell the houses to make a profit, i.e., "flip" the property, and go on their way to carry on the same buy-and-sell gambit yet again somewhere else. They are sometimes equated with the carpetbaggers who cheated and stole their way through the Reconstruction in the south.

We used to have a sense of community here, grounded in our pride as Americans in the fact that we essentially won World War II. What do these people have to be proud of? They buy-and-sell and make money. They won't be here ten years from now, if they are here five years later at all. -- By Cherryl W in Neighborhood Investment Doesn't Have to Mean Displacement


Smart Cities Readiness Guide
Smart Cities Council presents a tool cities can use to harness digital technology and intelligent design in assessing their readiness to innovate. The Guide is a conceptual roadmap to assist planning with universal principles that unite areas such as energy, transportation, water and public safety. Through actionable recommendations, it equips city leaders with objective, vendor-neutral guidance to make confident, informed decisions. See full details and download here.

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Deputy Director, HANDS, Inc.   

HANDS, located in Orange, NJ, seeks a mid-career professional with experience, education, and training in real estate development, finance, construction, and organizational development to work directly with the Executive Director who is retiring in 18 months . . .
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