Are Middle Class Parents Bad for Public Schools?
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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Online Event: Why Worker Cooperative Conversion and Ownership Make Sense
Thursday, October 15 

The Federal Reserve hosts this webinar about the features and benefits of worker- owned cooperatives, why worker ownership is an important community economic development strategy, and how to "convert" a traditional business to a worker co-op. Register

Municipal Art Society
2015 Summit NYC
October 22-23 

The MAS Summit is a 2-day event featuring more than 50 sessions spanning topics like urban innovation, resilience, infrastructure, and the future of NYC. This year's theme: The City We Want! Register

Online Event - Adapting Inclusionary Housing Policy for Different Parts of Town. October 28

What do you do when your city has economic conditions that vary dramatically from neighborhood to neighborhood? Paul Peninger of Cornerstone and David Schwartz of Economic & Planning Systems lead this webinar. Register

Industry News

Two Leaders Join
Ford Foundation.

Legal scholar and author Michelle Alexander joins as senior fellow contributing to the foundation's work on democracy, rights and justice. Learn more here.

Poet, essayist, playwright, and scholar Elizabeth Alexander joins as director of the foundation's Creativity and Free Expression program. Read more here.

What These Housing Advocates Miss 

By Jamaal Green, Portland State University     
To new urban housing advocates, the answer is always simple--loosen zoning restrictions and let developers meet market demand. It is clear that overly restrictive zoning is a major culprit in the many housing affordability crises we see in growing cities across the country, but what the "liberalize zoning" crowd lack is . . . More 

Gentrification and Public Schools: It's Complicated 

By Susan Naimark, Education and Community Development Consultant      
The return of white, middle-class families to big-city public schools seemed like a pipedream for many decades. A school that has long been made up of lower income black and Latino students can shift within a few years to a majority of white, middle-class students. The new parents get involved in ways the school hasn't seen for many years, welcomed by many as a breath of fresh air. And yet . . . More 


Community Development and "School Reform": Odd Bedfellows? 

By Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce      
Recently there has been a wave of measures roughly known as "school reform," including charter schools, new standards, and amped up standardized testing used to assess teachers and close "underperforming schools." To put it mildly, these measures, especially charters, are as polarizing of people who tend to otherwise be political allies as Israel and Palestine. They have also provided some routes for . . . More 

Tackling Uncomfortable Issues, With Enthusiasm

By Keli Tianga, Shelterforce    
Fissures can appear when community developers and organizers of different ages, gender, or ethnic and racial backgrounds attempt to work in the same spaces. National CAPACD enthusiastically embraced all of these issues at its convention last week, when it . . . More 

You Said It!

"Excellent article as usual from Stoecker. The neoliberal juggernaut is successful partly because of its ability to evade organized resistance. With progressive government on the run on several fronts organizing is the only tool we have. We need to rediscover how to do it well." -- By Tim M. in Have We Forgotten How to Fight?

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HANDS, located in Orange, NJ, seeks a mid-career professional with experience, education, and training in real estate development, finance, construction, and organizational development to work directly with the Executive Director who is retiring in 18 months . . .
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