DC Resists the NOLA-fication of Its Schools

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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Online Event: Why Worker Cooperatives Conversion and Ownership Make Sense  
Connecting Communities, sponsored by the Federal Reserve, hosts this webinar about the features and benefits of worker- owned cooperatives, why worker ownership is an important community economic development strategy, and how to "convert" a traditional business to a worker co-op. Register here

Industry News

NeighborWorks America names Leonard Williams chief financial officer.

Leonard Williams, recently the executive VP and CFO of Pact, an international-development organization, has become the new CFO of NeighborWorks. He has also worked in senior management at Verizon, QTS, and GMAC. Read more about Williams here.


2016 Rome Prize Announced

Every year, the American Academy in Rome awards the Rome Prize to emerging artists and scholars in the early or middle stages of their working lives. Fellowship disciplines include Architecture, Design, Historic Preservation and Conservation, Landscape Architecture, and more.

Application deadline is November 1. Apply here.  

2016 RWJF Culture of Health Prize -- Call for Applications

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation honors and elevates U.S. communities that have placed a priority on health and are creating powerful partnerships and deep commitments to make change. Winning communities will each receive $25,000 and have their stories shared.

Application deadline is November 12, 2015. Learn more and apply here.  

Why Does the NAACP Still Have to March for Voting Rights?

By Ana Garcia-Ashley, Gamaliel Foundation   
Whether it is seeking to deport people whose massive contributions help make the United States rich, or keeping people of color from getting to the polls, structural racism is the common theme that runs through our work. As an organizer I know it wasn't easy . . . More 

Have We Forgotten How to Fight?   
By Randy Stoecker, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Maybe it's time to re-read Alinsky. The congregation-based model treats conflict and confrontation like a stigmatized mental illness. The mobilizing model is no better, but in a different way . . . More 


Shelterforce Online

DC Resists the NOLA-fication of Its Schools 
By Esa Syeed, Marymount University
Back in 1994, Parents United, a once highly influential parent-led advocacy group in Washington, D.C., weighed in on a curious new phenomenon that city leaders were introducing known as "charter schools" (so new in fact that they used quotation marks when writing about them). Given the sluggish pace of change the group had come up against in its almost two decades of advocating for public education, Parents United tentatively wrote in its newsletter that the new innovation "simply becomes one more strategy for improving schools for our children." Since that time, however, charter schools have gone from being just "one more strategy" to . . . More

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Deputy Director, HANDS, Inc.   

HANDS, located in Orange, NJ, seeks a mid-career professional with experience, education, and training in real estate development, finance, construction, and organizational development to work directly with the Executive Director who is retiring in 18 months . . .
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