[Draft] AHAR Extension Request from MD CoC's to HUD

ATTN: MD CoC Leads + HMIS Leads, as most of us have already discussed, I am proposing to send this request to our HUD TA's at Abt and Associates regarding an extension to the AHAR draft and final due dates.  If anyone objects or wishes to be excluded from this letter, please let me know.  I plan on sending the final email to Abt and Associates by 10/7/15.  Thank you!

...the MD CoC's are requesting for HUD to extend the AHAR deadlines (draft and final) due to the significant increased workload as a result of numerous recent program changes and additions, which include, but are not limited to the items listed below.

  • 2015 NOFA / CoC Application
  • 2014 HMIS Data Standards
  • 2015 HMIS Critical Data Standards Changes
  • Zero Veterans Homeless by 12/31/15
  • Coordinated Assessment
  • Rating + Ranking
  • Housing First
  • Prioritizing Chronically Homelessness
  • VA Community Planning
  • 2015 ESG data standards + CAPER
  • SHP + HHS + VA + CDBG + CSBG 
  • Homeless Youth Initiatives
  • Housing Inventory Count
  • Point in Time
  • Environmental Reviews
  • Annual Homeless Assessment Report 
  • new state data/reporting requirements
  • updates to local HMIS policies + procedures
  • updates to local HMIS client confidentiality
  • updates to local HMIS client data collection + sharing
  • updates to local HMIS monitoring procedures
  • excessive instances of HMIS software glitches/updates
  • program funding + staffing cuts

We appreciate HUD's consideration, and hope that we are able to mutually come to an agreement, so that we may all continue with our efforts to properly serve our homeless and at-risk clients.  Thank you for your guidance and support.  

Jason Burns, MCSE
Systems Administrator

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