In Defense of the "Poor Door"
Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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In Defense of the "Poor Door"  

Rick Jacobus, Street Level Advisors        
When the news spread about the development in New York City that had a separate "poor door," outrage was immediate and near universal. Opposing the "poor door" is a no-brainer. Or is it? . . . More 

Steve Dubb
Scaling the *Social* in Social Enterprise

Steve Dubb, University of Maryland  
We need to acknowledge that even if the idea of doing well by doing good is increasingly accepted in theory, the dominant business mode remains, in practice, one which maximizes profit, not socially conscious employment. What can be done to move the dial?   More 

Schools That Support Students' Whole Lives    

Jane Quinn, Children's Aid Society  
Most of the educational reforms of the past decade have at best produced only modest results, in large measure because they have focused almost exclusively on the instructional side of the teaching-and-learning equation. While strengthening instruction, aligning assessments, and improving teacher effectiveness are all critical elements of school reform, these approaches fall into the "necessary but not sufficient" category . . . More 

Learning from
Preservation Victories of the Past      

Doug Ryan, CFED   
It's impossible to preserve affordable housing if you don't know that it exists, let alone that it is at risk . . . More 

You Said It!

On "What the 'New' Housing Advocates Miss":

"Thanks for this critique, Jamaal. I'm mostly persuaded. It's also helping me finally make a little progress in thinking about the ways that liberalize-zoning folks like me need to quit with the economics for a minute and get into the political economics." --Michael Andersen  

"Ultimately, there's not that much 'theory' underlying the upzone point. It's basic supply and demand which holds a lot of influence but it's not even very sophisticated housing economics. While I think the point is often abused we do see clear temporal limits in construction, aka it takes a long time to build enough units to flatten prices while cities simultaneously gain new residents. Or that developers build in particular housing submarkets such that those folks who are most housing insecure are often the last to get units even in a booming market.." --Jamaal Green 

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Deputy Director, HANDS, Inc.

The Policy Director reports to the president, and leads Woodstock's policy advocacy and government relations work at the local, state, and national levels. The Policy Director also leads state and national coalition work, builds relationships with colleague organizations, and assists with fundraising . . . Read Full Listing 

HANDS, located in Orange, NJ, seeks a mid-career professional with experience, education, and training in real estate development, finance, construction, and organizational development to work directly with the Executive Director who is retiring in 18 months . . .  Read Full Listing

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