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October 2, 2015
Special Alert

JUST RELEASED: Further Guidance for Communities on What it Means to End Veteran Homelessness

Criteria and benchmarks for achieving the goal of ending Veteran homelessness
Fundamentally, ending Veteran homelessness is about two things:
  • Connecting Veterans and their families who are experiencing homelessness now to permanent housing.
  • Making sure that no Veteran experiences chronic or long-term homelessness again by putting robust systems into place to ensure that homelessness can  be prevented whenever possible -- and if it can't be prevented, that it is rare, brief, and non-recurring.
Earlier this year, USICH, VA, and HUD developed a set of criteria to help communities assess their progress toward achieving the goal of ending Veteran homelessness.

We heard from many communities that they would like the criteria to be clearer about some of the expectations and more measurable. In response, we further refined the criteria and added some benchmarks and specifications to clarify how we define ending Veteran homelessness.

10 Strategies for Ending Veteran Homelessness 
Veteran standing in front of housing
In order to support communities as they strive towards the goal of ending Veteran homelessness, we identified 10 strategies that increase leadership, collaboration, and coordination among programs serving Veterans and promote rapid access to permanent housing for all Veterans. 
Each strategy is accompanied by additional resources to help community leaders and stakeholders implement them.

Read the 10 Strategies.  

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