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November 18, 2015
Proving the Case that We Can and Must End Homelessness
Virginia_s Veterans Day ceremony
The Commonwealth of Virginia announced on Veterans Day that it had effectively ended Veteran homelessness statewide, joining the growing list of communities to have achieved this historic milestone
Read Executive Director Matthew Doherty's reflection on these achievements and their significance for our work to end homelessness for everyone.
Federal Agencies Set Path to End Homelessness Among American Indians and Alaska Natives

Matthew Doherty signs the MOU USICH, along with seven other Federal agencies, signed an important memorandum of understanding earlier this month to drive action on strategies that set a path to end AI/AN homelessness. These strategies were adopted at our October Council meeting, which focused on issues of racial disparities in experiences of homelessness.
Policy Advisor Lindsay Knotts walks us through what we know about homelessness, both on and off Tribal lands, and the actions that will lay the groundwork to end it.

Taking Action to Break the Cycle of  Homelessness and Criminal Justice Involvement 

Cycle of Criminal Justice involvement and homelessness For too many people, the experience of homelessness involves police encounters, lockups, courts, or jail cells as much as it does shelter beds. As the Council discussed at our October meeting, our efforts to end homelessness will fall short if we do not confront and ultimately break the cycle of homelessness and incarceration.

Deputy Director Richard Cho discusses the role that USICH and other Federal agencies are taking to lead this effort.   
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Understanding the Criteria and Benchmarks for Ending Veteran Homelessness walks you through the criteria communities can use to determine if they have achieved the goal of ending Veteran homelessness. Let your Federal partners know if you want to discuss this information more fully or review your community's progress.    

In Determining Homeless Status of Youth for HUD Programs, we review guidance recently released by HUD that is meant to ensure that youth are not being turned away from the housing and services they need in error. 

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