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December 4, 2015

Sustaining Our Data-Driven Focus: Findings and Implications of Recent Data Releases 

HUD Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress document cover

Data can help drive progress - if we use it well and wisely. That's true for communities and it is true for the multiple interagency working groups USICH convenes to make Federal policy decisions to help end homelessness across America.

Our Executive Director, Matthew Doherty, analyzes new data from HUD and the Department of Education and provides his key takeaways. 
Achieving an End to Chronic Homelessness: How the Final Definition Will Help


This morning, HUD published the final definition of chronic homelessness. This definition gets us closer to the originally intended target population - people with high service needs and disabilities who, if not provided with permanent supportive housing, would likely remain homeless.
When this rule goes into effect in January 2016, it will put us all in a better position to end chronic homelessness. Our Deputy Director, Richard Cho, and Dr. Dennis Culhane offer two perspectives.   
How Data is Ending Chronic Homelessness in Maine  

Maine's shelter system was struggling to accommodate people who were using beds night after night for long periods of time. The Statewide Homeless Council developed an approach to more easily identify and support the people staying the longest, and the results are impressive.

Cullen Ryan, executive director of Community Housing of Maine, explains.

New Resource: Implementing a Homeless Preference in Multifamily Housing 


We encourage you to take a look at this new toolkit from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which lays out a 7-step process for community leaders to engage with multifamily housing owners.

Multifamily owners are key allies in increasing affordable housing opportunities for people experiencing homelessness.  

Download the toolkit (PDF, 4MB) 

Join USICH's Lindsay Knotts on December 7 for a discussion of coordinated entry and the qualities that make up an effective system.