Out of Prison, Into Public Housing!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015



Webinar: Investing in Community Change | December 17, 2015
This webinar, based on an article in the current issue of The Foundation Review, describes how the revitalization focus of the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation's grantmaking process is designed to make neighborhoods more attractive for large-scale investment. View full info and register here.

Cities Building Community Wealth | CUNY School of Law | January 29, 2016
In this free event, CUNY School of Law, the Democracy Collaborative and Surdna Foundation will highlight the work of innovative city leaders working to build more inclusive, equitable, and cooperative economies, and discuss how municipal policy can be best used to build community wealth. See list of speakers and register here.


The Ford Foundation recently hosted RIGHTS NOW: Reimagining Justice in the 21st Century. Videos of the day are available for viewing, and include conversations with Representative John Lewis, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and more. See videos here.

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Remembering Debby Visser
On December 4, we lost a good friend, thoughtful colleague, and champion for social justice in Debby Visser. Debby's career in community and economic development spanned decades. She was most recently director of NeighborWorks' Success Measures Partnerships, an independent shop that supports NeighborWorks network organizations and other nonprofit partners by providing them with tools to evaluate the success of their programs and strategies.

Read below for some thoughts and memories about Debby from former colleagues, as well as us here at ShelterforceMore 

Build? Don't Build? Both Wrong

Jamaal Green, Portland State University    
It is hardly a progressive, or even a classically liberal, position to limit the ability of folks to move to places where they can find greater opportunity. At the same time, supply side advocates need to be . . .  More 

Out of Prison, Into Public Housing!
Doug Ryan, CFED
With sentencing reforms, about 6,000 federal prisoners will see an early release in the next year or so. Where will they live?  More 

Can San Francisco Get Mixed-Income Public Housing Right?
Mark L. Joseph, Nancy L. Latham,
Rachel Garshick Kleit, and Steven L. LaFrance

File under: Finally! The San Francisco public housing redevelopment project known as HOPE SF sets the goal we've been waiting for: 100 percent right to return. How are they doing?  More 

NY Times Misses Point on DC Gentrification
Derek Hyra, Dominic Moulden, and Gregory Squires

A Times Real Estate piece misleads their readers as they discuss how one DC neighborhood has been rebranded to attract young urbanites. Here's what the Times missed . . .  More 

Radioactive Waste + Underground Fire . . . What Could Go Wrong?
Laura Barrett, Center for Health, Environment and Justice

A smoldering fire in a mismanaged landfill is less than 1,000 feet away from a radioactive waste dump in Bridgeton, Missouri. Experts predict that the fire could . . . More 

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You Said It!

"You all do great work! The Weekly blog is consistently helpful and timely. Shelterforce stands out as a first rate publication in a rapidly evolving field. Thank you!" --Prudence Brown

"It surprises me that there's such push back against permanently affordable housing since working people's ability to access housing in the private market continues to decline. Permanently affordable housing seems to me to be the most efficient use of taxpayer dollars; why isn't the tea party demanding it?" --Anne Gass on Have We Been Wasting Affordable Housing Money?
"As the late Dorothy Richardson once said, the only thing that will truly eliminate the issues affecting communities is the full integration of them. I believe she meant full integration not only by so-called race, but by economic status, etc." --Thomas Roberts on Anchoring "The Community" to the Community Building Movement

"In my years in non-profit human service management I cannot count the times I've seen a municipal government, properly concerned with an identified problem, use city resources to try to address the problem without first checking in with the local non-profit community. In the end, both municipal governments and non-profit agencies are both answerable to the public, and should work together to meet local needs whenever possible." --David Gibb, more . . .

"To me this story shows how the synergy between nonprofits and local governments--which Salamon identified as a defining feature of the U.S. social services system--is still being rediscovered and put to use today." --Susan Freis Falknor, more . . .
Author Reply
"My content area is homelessness, which at this point in time is a very fluid area of collective work. THE HEARTH Act requires far more community- and data-driven decision processes than ever before . . . A LOT goes into reshaping a service delivery system but if structural deficiencies are overcome or greater impact is truly realized, then it is worth it." --Judy Perlman, more . . .

The Answer

Do inclusionary housing requirements make housing prices go up for everyone else?

A: No, they do not.

Market-rate developers are business people. They charge as much as the market will bear. When housing prices go up, they charge more; when housing prices go down, they ask less. Developers are "price-takers" not "price-setters" because they only control a tiny share of the housing market. A large majority of rental and for-sale housing is located in existing buildings, not in brand-new buildings, limiting the influence of new housing, and inclusionary requirements, on home prices.

The Answer is for you to use. You can download a PDF to print here

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President and Chief Executive Officer National Low Income Housing Coalition 

The National Low Income Housing Coalition is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization dedicated solely to achieving socially just public policy that assures people with the lowest incomes in the United States have affordable and decent homes. Founded in 1974 by Cushing N. Dolbeare, NLIHC educates, organizes and advocates to ensure decent, affordable housing for everyone. NLIHC's goals are . . .
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