Register Today: Defining “Chronically Homeless” Final Rule Regional Webinars - January 5 - January 14, 2016

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Register Today: Defining “Chronically Homeless” Final Rule Regional Webinars - January 5 - January 14, 2016

On December 4th, HUD released the Final Rule on Defining “Chronically Homeless”. The definition goes into effect on January 4, 2016 and HUD expects all providers operating Permanent Supportive Housing dedicated or prioritized to individuals and families experiencing chronic homelessness to use this definition for all new persons admitted to the program after January 15, 2016. To ensure that all communities and stakeholders understand the new definition and associated recordkeeping requirements and are provided an opportunity to ask questions, HUD is hosting six webinars in January. Each webinar will cover the same information.
Presenters will include Marcy Thompson, Senior Advisor to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Special Needs, and Brett Gagnon, Senior SNAPS Specialist in the Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs. Webinar participants will learn about the following:
  • A history of the definition of chronically homeless and the rationale for the changes implemented in the Final Rule
  • The final definition of chronically homeless, including a highlight of the major changes
  • Associated recordkeeping requirements for the documentation of chronic homelessness

Who Should Attend?

The intended audience is CoC leadership, CoC recipients, and any other stakeholders that wish to learn about the new definition. Each webinar time is targeted toward certain regions and is limited to 1,000 participants. However, you may register for a webinar that is not in your region. Registration instructions are provided below. Please be sure to read the instructions carefully. Because registration is limited, we ask that you only register for one. The content of each webinar will be identical. For information about what region you are in please consult the map of HUD Regions. The times were established to accommodate the most people and are as follows:
January 5th, 2:00 PM EST – Region 10
January 6th, 4:00 PM EST – Region 9
January 7th, 10:00 AM EST – Region 3
January 12th, 1:00 PM EST – Regions 4 and 6
January 13th, 1:00 PM EST – Regions 1 and 2
January 14th, 1:00 PM EST – Regions 5, 7, and 8

To find out more information about upcoming trainings and access materials from previously held trainings, go to HUD Exchange Training and Events.

Registering for a Defining “Chronically Homeless” Final Rule Webinar

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