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Buy Local!
While we discourage being caught up in the consumer culture and encourage everyone to shop locally, we do know that many people buy from Amazon, especially on Cyber Monday. If you do, each time you make a purchase you can support Shelterforce at no cost to you!  
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Click on the link and make Shelterforce your selected nonprofit so that every time you purchase something a portion of the sales price goes to us. Your cost-free donation will be made during Cyber Monday, the rest of your holiday season, and all year long.

With your cost-free donation, you'll be helping us bring you more articles, more news, and more insights to help you do your job better! With your support, we can add more writers, cover more topics, and reach more of your colleagues with the kind of information you won't find anywhere else. 

Donate to Shelterforce at no cost to you! 

For 40 years we've been delivering community development information and inspiration like no other publication. And we've done it with your help every year!
So, if you plan on buying anything on Amazon today, Cyber Monday, let them know you want a small portion of your purchase price to go to Shelterforce. Do it today and you'll save money while supporting the work you've come to rely on. 
Thanks for everything you do!