Reminder: SSVF Region B Call on Wednesday, January 20th at 1pm EST

Dear SSVF Grantees,

We hope that you are doing well. This is just a reminder that we have our Super Region B call scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, January 20th at 1pm EST. Please note that this is 30 minutes earlier than our typical 1:30pm start. We anticipate finishing the call by 3pm EST. Please be prepared to share Point in Time Count tips and also how you took the information from our last call (legal and HUD-VASH referrals) and applied it to your work.

As a reminder, the special national webinar that was scheduled at 2pm EST tomorrow has been cancelled. Please refer to the 1/15/16 Program Update. Lastly, is extremely important that each grantee has at least one representative on all calls and webinars and that the representative(s) share the information with the appropriate staff.

Registration Link for Super Region B Call

We look forward to speaking with you tomorrow.

Thanks so much!

Bobby, Dan, and Adrienne