Rent Control in Beverly Hills. Really?

Also in this issue: Krugman (NYT) Gets It Wrong, and The Stubborn (Homeownership) Gap
Wednesday, January 6, 2016


From hospitals and health systems to universities, anchor institutions are organizations with deep roots and longevity as major employers in their communities. RSVP here for this web forum sponsored by the Public Health Institute and more, in which leaders and partners from anchor institutions will discuss how they are increasingly stepping up and working outside their own walls to make lasting contributions to the regions they serve.

Industry News

Chester Hartman, founding member and research director of the Poverty & Race Research Action Council, will retire after more than twenty five years with the organization. Hartman's career includes contributions to Shelterforce and many other publications, as well as teaching positions at Harvard, Cornell, Columbia, and George Washington University. Some of the many interviews and articles Hartman has written for Shelterforce can be found here and here.

Sim Wimbush
is the first executive director of
The Virginia Housing Alliance, an organization launching this month as a result of a merger between the Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness and the Virginia Housing Coalition. Wimbush served previously as an associate director for families and housing with the Virginia Department of Veterans Services.

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Rent Control in Beverly Hills. Really?
Josh Ishimatsu, National CAPACD
Raj Chetty's research finds that low-income children from mixed-income neighborhoods are more likely to be upwardly economically mobile. It's ironic that, at the precise moment we are figuring out that correlation . . .   More 

A Stubborn Gap
Robert L. Reece, Duke University

For decades, we've made steady progress reducing the racial home value gap around the country. Or have we? New evidence from the South shows . . .  More  

Paul Krugman Gets It Wrong on Housing
Alan Mallach, Center for Community Progress
Paul Krugman, usually an astute observer, must have been having an off day at the end of November 2015, when he devoted his op-ed column in the New York Times to gentrification in New York City . . .  More 

You Said It!

"This is a really interesting model, and I hope it can gain some traction nationally. One thing that stands out to me is the PFS model makes solving homelessness an 'us' issue and not just a government subsidy issue." --Chris L on Paying for Success in Permanent Supportive Housing

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