Repairs-for-Sex Scandal: Just a Symptom

Also in this issue: Is Multifamily Housing a Misnomer? - Bargaining Away Gentrification
Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Desperate Measures: Survival Strategies of the Poorest of the Poor | Washington, DC | Jan. 27

Over the past two decades, the number of families living with little to no income has climbed. Sponsored by the Urban Institute, this panel discussion will explore why assistance programs are essentially nonexistent for many who need them most.

Online Event | Stepping Up to Make a Difference: The Vital Role of Anchor Institutions in Community Health Improvement | Jan. 27

From hospitals and health systems to universities, anchor institutions are organizations with deep roots and longevity as major employers in their commu-
nities. RSVP here for this web forum sponsored by the Public Health Institute and others, in which leaders from anchor institutions will discuss how they are increasingly working outside their own walls to make lasting contributions to the regions they serve.

Webinar | The Promise of Children's Savings | Jan. 28

Part of CFED's National Week of Action, this virtual briefing will introduce
Children's Savings Accounts (CSAs) and their impact, discuss examples of successful programs, and provide resources for those interested in starting a CSA program in their community.

Cities Building Community Wealth | CUNY School of Law | Jan. 29
In this free event, CUNY School of Law, the Democracy Collaborative  and Surdna Foundation will highlight the work of innovative city leaders working to build more inclusive, equitable, and cooperative economies, and discuss how municipal policy can be best used to build community wealth. See list of speakers and register here.


2016 NALCAB Colegio  Fellowship: Call for Applications!

Established in 2010, NALCAB Colegio was developed to ensure that next generation Latino leaders develop the practical, personal and professional skills needed to fill the increasing leadership gap in community economic development nonprofit organizations across the country. Learn more and apply here.

Repairs-for-Sex Scandal in Public Housing--Could It Happen
in Your Organization?
Alexandra Moffett-Bateau, City University of New York
Multiple women in Baltimore Public Housing complained of sexual assault over a number of years, and were ignored. How did this happen?  More 

To Know Your Community, Get Your Own Data 
Cindy Wu, Chinatown Community Development Center
Why is it important for us to collect and record data ourselves instead of relying on other sources? For a number of reasons, Census data doesn't and never has, accurately represented our neighborhoods. So what does?  More 

Is "Multifamily" Housing a Misnomer? 
Robert Hickey, housing consultant
City planners and real estate professionals use the term "multifamily" to describe apartment and condominium buildings. But do they truly accommodate families?  More 

Tenants Fight Gentrification Through Collective Bargaining
Ethan Corey, writer
For the past two years, the Crown Heights Tenant Union of Brooklyn has turned collective bargaining strategies on landlords--and policymakers.  More  

Steve Dubb

Health Care Confronts Challenge to Heal Whole Communities
Steve Dubb, The Democracy Collaborative
A 56-billion dollar institution calls on its industry to recognize "that their institutions must be accountable for all of their impacts on community health, and . . ."  More 

Review of Community Projects as Social Activism, by Benjamin Shepard
Matthew Borus, University of Chicago 
Shepard lays out a flexible seven-stage model for a successful organizing campaign: identifying an issue, research, communication and messaging, mobilization, direct action, legal support, and sustainability strategies. But Shepard's approach to these concepts may not be what readers expect . . . More 

You Said It!

On Policy Victory Means Millions for Lower 9th Ward

"Nice to see the change in Policy at HUD, however, having been a former resident of New Orleans and a 10 time volunteer in rebuilding after Katrina/Rita, I can say that the money the Cannons and other families will receive is not going to be the final solution to all those families coming home again . . . The amount of contractor fraud in New Orleans was off the charts and those contractors will be right back in business with this new influx of cash . . ."
Rod Siddons,  more . . .

Author Reply

"You raise a really important issue. For many of the families we are working with, contractor fraud is one of the major reasons they still aren't home. This new program is designed to avoid having that problem again . . . For once we have learned from the mistakes of the prior program and this one should run better." --M.A. Sheehan, more . . . 

Looking for a Job?

President & CEO
Senior Manager

Leading this complex, critical community asset requires an executive with strong professional competencies in financial and team management, resource, policy and organizational development, and program development and evaluation.  Candidates for this role will . . . Read Full Listing 

Under general direction, the Senior Manager position is responsible for performing professional level work to manage programs created to build assets in Latino communities across the country. We will rely on you to focus on building equitable neighborhoods through programs that support entrepreneurship and . . . Read Full Listing

President & Chief Operating Officer

Director of Business Development
Some have suggested that this position should be seen as more of a "calling" for the right person as opposed to a job. The successful candidate will have training, education, and experience that will demonstrate
. . .
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The Director of Business Development will play a key role in shaping the future of the organization. Working closely with the Executive Director and Board, the opportunity is to bring CPA across the threshold of becoming a financially self-sustaining social-purpose cooperative and honing . . . Read Full Listing

Deputy Executive Director

Editorial Position

The Deputy Executive Director is responsible for supporting the Executive Director in providing leadership, direction and management, inspiring and holding the vision for the comprehensive mission of the organization to end homelessness . . .
Read Full Listing

Shelterforce magazine, the voice of community development, is seeking a sharp, organized, detail-oriented, flexible, cause-driven person to join our small editorial staff. We are a 40-year-old nonprofit that publishes both online and in print, serving practitioners working in . . .
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