Rich Neighborhood Gets Garbage Garage. No One Dies

Also in this issue: HUD Stops Punishing Homeowners, Fannie & Freddie's New Afford. Hsg. Requirements, Response to Gospel of Wealth Part 2
Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Webinar: Release of the 2016 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard | January 25
The Assets & Opportunity Scorecard is a tool that helps paint a full picture of household financial insecurity in the US. This year's scorecard brings together policy and outcome measures for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Participation in the webinar launch is free, but advanced registration is required.

Philadelphia: Senior Health and Housing Regional Forum | January 26
The nation's senior population is set to grow exponentially, with the number of Americans over 65 expected to increase by 18 million in just the next decade. The Bipartisan Policy Center and the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging co-sponsor this event to advance reforms that will help communities handle these changing demographics. RSVP here.

Webinar | Network Commons Community Close-Ups | January 28

Network Commons is the Build Healthy Places Network's live online discussion series. January's session will include interactive Q&A with community development leaders in Oakland, New Orleans, Philadelphia and the Twin Cities who are collaborating across sectors to improve neighborhood health and well-being. Register here


The Urban Institute has published a resource brief  for those who work with nonperforming loans. The Distressed Asset Stabilization Program (DASP) has increasingly come under fire, with some arguing against the sale of government assets to profit-seeking investors. The brief explores concerns and concludes that DASP is a win-win for borrowers, investors, and HUD.

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HUD Stops Punishing Displaced Lower 9th Homeowners
for Paying for Temporary Housing
M.A. Sheehan, Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association
Hundreds of families from New Orlean's Lower 9th Ward who'd lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina can finally rebuild, now that HUD has . . .  More 

A Response to Ford's "New Gospel of Wealth": Part Two
Bill Bynum, HOPE Credit Union
In my last blog post, I responded to Ford Foundation president Darren Walker's essay in which he outlines a new direction for the foundation and considers an important question about privilege. "How does (it) isolate us from engaging with the most difficult root causes of inequality and the poverty in which it ensnares people?" I suggested that we support cooperative economics for their "baked in" equitable structure and democracy of ownership. Today, I'll push the case even further
. . . 

Rich Neighborhood Gets Garbage Garage. No One Dies
Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
SoHo, a Manhattan neighborhood full of luxury apartment towers and a median income of $111,000/year, has been forced to accept, despite protest from some very wealthy and powerful people, a large building that includes a garage for sanitation trucks. The story, and the design results, should have ripple effects on
. . .

Fannie and Freddie's Affordable Housing Requirements Soon
to Restart--With Some Twists
Barry Zigas, Consumer Federation of America
FHFA significantly reworked the earlier draft duty to serve rule in innovative and bold ways. At the same time, we pointed out some remaining obstacles that could lessen its impact. But for community advocates and developers, it definitely opens up some potentially powerful new opportunities . . .  More 

You Said It!

"As someone who spent many years enforcing the New York City Housing Maintenance Code--and in having rent receivers appointed to owner neglected buildings--I can say the one thing that can be done to keep apartment supply stable is not to lose apartments on the back end, i.e. owner neglect and general deterioration." --Abbott Gorin
On Gentrification and the "Slums of Beverly Hills"

"I graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 1962 . . . When I graduated, BH was a fascinating mix of the super-rich, merely wealthy, and middle-class families living in apartments and some affordable houses . . . BH would have become the domain of strictly super-rich people, ruining the chances of many diverse kids to go to school together, were it not for rent control. RC helps the rich as well as the poor." --Bill Rowen

"Thank you for this! As the only statewide tenant rights group (meaning, that's 100% of what we do), we are small but growing, and need more support. It'll take all hands on deck to take down the Ellis Act (and also Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act), but we're starting to build that coalition." --Aimee Inglis

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