Shelterforce's 10 Most Popular Articles of 2015
Tuesday, December 29, 2015



From hospitals and health systems to universities, anchor institutions are organizations with deep roots and longevity as major employers in their communities. RSVP here for this web forum sponsored by the Public Health Institute and more, in which leaders and partners from anchor institutions will discuss how they are increasingly stepping up and working outside their own walls to make lasting contributions to the regions they serve.

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Shelterforce's 10 Most Popular Articles of 2015

It's been an amazing year full of successes and surprises (good and bad), but the incredible, creative, and committed work everyone is doing remains a hopeful sign in these challenging times.

We're taking a few days off from the Weekly, but wanted to share with you some of the most read and commented on posts of 2015. They'll be familiar to some of you and new to others, and we hope you enjoy them.

Thanks to all our writers for another great year helping us understand our work in new ways, and challenging us to think about that work and our world just a little bit differently. We're looking forward to reading more of their great writing in 2016.

For now, we wish you a happy, healthy, productive, and successful New Year!

--Miriam, Keli, Terri, and Harold

In Defense of the 'Poor Door'
Rick Jacobus, Street Level Advisors
When the news spread about the development in New York City that had a separate "poor door," outrage was immediate and near universal. Opposing the "poor door" is a no-brainer. Or is it?  More  

Shelterforce Exclusive: Interview with HUD Secretary Julián Castro
Miriam Axel-Lute and Harold Simon, Shelterforce

In September 2015, on the 50th anniversary of President Johnson's signing
of the bill that created HUD, Shelterforce got a chance to speak with Secretary Julián Castro about some of the current ways in which he's working to make
HUD a force for good in people's lives, and what steps there are
left to be taken . . . More 

The Gentrification Vaccine
Rick Jacobus, Street Level Advisors
It is a story that must sound familiar to anyone working to improve any urban neighborhood in America: decades of disinvestment and neglect replaced almost overnight by speculation and runaway market pressure. But the story of the Tenderloin is taking a turn that is entirely unlike every other American neighborhood . . .  More  

Income Is How You Get Out of Poverty, Assets Are How You Stay Out
Alexandra Bastien, PolicyLink
Empowering a struggling person with the tools and information that can relieve the stress and shame difficult financial situations often cause frees up the mental energy from financial battles, and allows that person to . . .   More  

The Revitalization Trap
Peter Dreier, Occidental College
Place-based initiatives won't address the kinds of injustice and poverty that community development was formed to fight . . . More

Alan Jenkins
There's Really No Argument Against Disparate Impact
Alan Jenkins, The Opportunity Agenda
The U.S. Supreme Court case on Disparate Impact--which led to a landmark decision for the community development world--attracted a lot of attention this year. Here's how Alan Jenkins explained what was at stake . . .  More 

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Are Millennials Different, or Just Delaying Homeownership?
Lisa Sturtevant, Center for Housing Policy
There is a mystique about Millennials which, among other less fanciful reasons, makes them an important part of the conversation about the housing market recovery and the role of housing in people's lives . . .  More 

Gentrification Is More Widespread Than We Think
Josh Ishimatsu, National CAPACD  
People like to say that gentrification is limited to a few hot markets. Here's why that may be wrong . . .  More 

Sprawl vs. Unions
Greg LeRoy, Good Jobs First
The three very different stories of the building trades in Atlanta, Denver,
and Portland, Oregon, show just how much urban development patterns
affect workers . . .

Have We Been Wasting Affordable Housing Money?
Jake Blumgart, freelance reporter, researcher, and editor
We've carefully crafted a system that, by design, destroys all the affordable housing it creates. Now what? More

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Editorial Position

The National Low Income Housing Coalition is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization dedicated solely to achieving socially just public policy that assures people with the lowest incomes in the United States have affordable and decent homes. Founded in 1974 by Cushing N. Dolbeare, NLIHC educates, organizes and advocates to ensure decent, affordable housing for everyone. NLIHC's goals are . . .
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