SOAR Webinar: Representing Immigrants and Non-Citizens with the Social Security Administration

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February 25, 2016
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SOAR Webinar: Representing Immigrants and Non-Citizens with the Social Security Administration

Thursday, March 10, 2016
3:00pm-4:30pm EST

SSI/SSDI applications for immigrants and non-citizens can be more complicated than for U.S. citizens. These applications require documentation of a person's status from a narrow selection of approved categories. Additionally, engaging an immigrant applicant, establishing treatment records and communicating with SSA in another language can further complicate the process. This webinar will cover key areas such as eligibility, obtaining documentation, effects of travel outside of U.S, requesting an interpreter and other helpful interviewing tips and resources.

This webinar is recommended for SOAR Providers, Coordinators, Trainers, Leaders and others in your community who provide services to immigrants and non-citizens.

Lee Alviar, Dallas Regional Public Affairs Specialist, Social Security Administration, Texas. Lee will cover basic SSA citizenship and residency criteria for SSI/SSDI benefits eligibility. Lee will share SSA resources to assist with understanding which documents are required to establish U.S. citizenship and other services offered by SSA relating to immigrants and non-citizens.

Sarah Nagy, Special Needs Care Coordinator, International Rescue Committee - Baltimore Resettlement Center, Maryland. Sarah will explain how to interview SOAR applicants in a culturally sensitive manner, with a focus on trauma. She will discuss the role of the interpreter in the mental health setting and working with mental health providers. Sarah will describe some cultural conceptions of mental health.

Gerardo Benavides, Disability Assistance Outreach Specialist, Health Care for the Homeless, Baltimore, Maryland, will share what he has learned while providing services to the immigrant community. Being the son of immigrants from Honduras, he will share his reflections on what doing SOAR work means to him.
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