Stop Talking About Displacement!

Also in this issue: Alan Mallach on REAL Rental Housing Issue * Making "Duty to Serve" Better * Why Prez Race Ignores Urban America
Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Webinar | Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy | February 10

Stan Greenberg and Sen. Elizabeth Warren speak with Roosevelt Institute Chief Economist Joseph Stiglitz about his new report, Rewriting the Rules, discussing topics including inequality, an evidence-backed economic frame to combat trickle-down market ideals, and a full policy agenda. Register for the webinar here.

Online Event | Network Commons | February 25
The February Build Healthy Places Network live online discussion will feature leaders from LISC, San Francisco Fed, Healthy Neighborhoods Equity Fund, and Nonprofit Finance Fund who are driving impact capital to neighborhood-level projects focusing on health and well-being. 

Industry News

The Housing Partnership Network has named Chuck Wehrwein as president of member engagement and business collaboration. Mr. Wehrwein served on HPN's executive team from 2007 to 2012, and now returns after four years with NeighborWorks America.

NYU's Furman Center has appointed Jessica Yager as its new executive director. Yager has led the NYU Furman Center's policy work since 2012. She has previously worked with Queens Legal Services, the Office of the Appellate Defender, and the Center for Social Justice at Seton Hall University School of Law.

The Municipal Art Society of NY has named Gina Pollara as president. Before joining MASNYC, Pollara--an architect, author, and urban designer--was previously executive director of FDR Four Freedoms Park, and associate director at Cooper Union Chanin School of Architecture Archive.


Urban Land Institute: Call for Nominations
ULI invites nominations for the J.C. Nichols Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development, honoring those who inspire great places. The annual $100,000 prize recognizes an individual whose work has made a distinguished contribution to community building and the built environment, anywhere in the world. Nomination deadline is February 28.

ULI invites submissions and nominations for the Robert C. Larson Housing Policy Leadership Awards, recognizing exemplary and innovative state and local policy initiatives that support the creation and preservation of affordable and workforce housing, specifically housing affordable to households earning at or below 120 percent of AMI. Nomination and submission deadline is February 22.

The REAL Rental Housing Issue
Alan Mallach, Center for Community Progress
Millions of people are evicted each year, and millions more move involuntarily without waiting for a formal eviction proceeding. The response from the community development field, for the most part, tends to be to try to build tax credit housing,
but . . .

Stop Talking About Displacement
Tony Pickett, Urban Land Conservancy
Any veteran community development practitioner must acknowledge the dual responsibility of creating neighborhood improvements while also managing the potential of those improvements to . . . More

3 Ways Your Comment Can Make "Duty to Serve" Better 
Michael Bodaken & Ellen Lurie Hoffman, National Housing Trust
FHFA has brainstormed dozens of creative ideas about how to prod Fannie and Freddie to drive billions more into affordable housing financing. Here are some ways to make them better . . . More 

Randy Shaw
Why the Presidential Race Ignores Urban AmericaRandy Shaw, Tenderloin Housing Clinic
Neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton has uttered the phrase "housing crisis" during their debates, and no question has addressed it . . . More

You Said It!

On Building Children Out of Our Cities:

Oakland has an incredibly large and diverse stock of single-family housing, available for several miles around downtown . . . even at relatively affordable prices such as in my neighborhood in East Oakland--but what is desperately missing is rental units for singles, couples, and the people moving to the Bay Area for the jobs boom . . . --Ian Rees

Author Reply
. . . the reality is that it's hard for many folks to sink roots into a community when there is a constant churn of residents living in an apartment building of studios and one bedrooms. People shouldn't have to change neighborhoods just because they decide to move in with a partner (or even 2 roommates), get married, start a family, hire a live-in caregiver or accommodate an aging parent. Simply put, your household size should not determine your zip code. I believe a more diverse neighborhood housing stock built for households of all incomes, ages and a range of household sizes create vibrant communities for all of us to grow up and grow old . . . --Tiffany Eng

Austin is looking at "Family Friendly Design Regulations" to encourage families to live in the Urban Core w/in the City of Austin. -- Kelly Weiss on Seeking True "Multifamily" Housing
Your comments are right on, Laura. I spent a considerable amount of time in Flint, one summer years ago, and the city was ignored even back then. --Paul Dribin in Flint: Tainted Choices, Tainted Water

Beautifully said, the entirety of this but especially this: "We created segregated regions via redlining, mortgage discrimination, and racial violence, and then allowed local tax structures to function so that the region still relies on its urban core--for large institutions like hospitals and universities and historic theaters, for county and state government jobs, and to house and educate and provide social services to its low-wage workforce and those who fall out of it--but the residents of the rest of the region pay little to nothing for those benefits." --Karen Westmont on Attitudes Toward Exploited Cities Helped Poison Flint

Looking for a Job?

Public Policy Associate  
The Public Policy Associate will work within the External Affairs team to advance NALCAB's 2016 Latino Economic Mobility policy agenda, engage members in the policy process and strengthen strategic relationships with congressional members and federal . . .  
Read Full Listing 

Senior Manager
Under general direction, the Senior Manager position is responsible for performing professional level work to manage programs created to build assets in Latino communities across the country. We will rely on you to focus on building equitable neighborhoods through programs that support . . . Read Full Listing

President & CEO 
Leading this complex, critical community asset requires an executive with strong professional competencies in financial and team management, resource, policy and organizational development, and program development and evaluation.  Candidates for this role will . . . Read Full Listing 

President & Chief Operating Officer
Some have suggested that this position should be seen as more of a "calling" for the right person as opposed to a job. The successful candidate will have training, education, and experience that will demonstrate the ability to manage an organization with a diverse group of programs, to work effectively . . . Read Full Listing

Director of Business Development
The Director of Business Development will play a
key role in shaping the future of the Community Purchasing Alliance. Working closely with the ED
and Board, the opportunity is to bring CPA across
the threshold of becoming a financially self-sustaining social-purpose cooperative . . . Read Full Listing

More Job Listings

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