Why Do *We* Finance Charter Schools?

Also in this issue: Reinventing the Sharing Economy * How to Make Banks Help Flint * The Mixed-Income Puzzle
Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Industry News

NOAH Welcomes Dee Walsh as COO

Dee Walsh has accepted the chief operating officer position with the Network for Oregon Affordable Housing. Walsh joins NOAH after three years as executive vice president for network and corporate affairs at the Housing Partnership Network (HPN). For 22 years prior to her work at HPN, Dee headed REACH Community Development, Inc., a nonprofit housing and community development entity based in Portland.

Former FHA Commissioner Carol Galante Joins Ocwen's Board of Directors
Galante joins Ocwen after having served as FHA commissioner from 2011-2014. Prior to joining the FHA and the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, she served as president and chief executive officer of BRIDGE Housing Corporation, a non-profit developer of affordable, mixed-income and mixed-use developments in California. She is currently faculty director of the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC Berkeley.


CFED Webinar | CSA 101: Choosing an Account and Financial Partner | February 25
CFED hosts a webinar series highlighting key program design elements for Children's Savings Accounts (CSAs). The series begins Thursday, February 25th  with a beginner's-level CSA webinar for those who may be designing a program for the first time.


The Housing Partnership Network (HPN) has published Lessons of the International Housing Partnership, an issue brief that compares the affordable housing system in the United Kingdom to that in the United States and draws from the comparison five public policy recommendations for policy makers in the United States.

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The Charter School Lenders 
Katy Reckdahl, journalist
Despite the controversy surrounding them, charter schools have become a major segment of the CDFI field's business, requiring new assessment tools to keep the lending mission-focused . . . More

Why Are Community Development Lenders Financing Charter Schools?
Julia Sass Rubin and Katharine Nelson, Rutgers University
The choice to support privately-operated, publicly-funded schools puts these lenders at odds with many of their usual political allies and constituencies. So what's the motivation?   More

Reinventing the Sharing Economy? Again?
What should we do when an alternative institution has become too mainstream?
Start the next one!
Gabriel Metcalf, author of Democratic by Design, discusses his book with
James Tracy of the San Francisco Community Land Trust.  More

How a Disaster Designation Could Make Banks Help Flint
Josh Silver, NCRC
Just as happened after Katrina, a disaster designation could adapt the rules of CRA to make banks address the appraisal and underwriting challenges brought on by Flint's water crisis. Here's how.   More

A Critical Piece of the Mixed-Income Puzzle
Mark L. Joseph, National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities
Residential integration alone is not sufficient, we must go a step further to "activate" the mix in these communities with intentional and proactive strategies to create . . .  More

You Said It!

Many studies have concluded that inclusionary housing is unlikely to cause any significant increase in housing prices . . . With unconscionable rates of homelessness and a housing crisis not seen since the Great Depression, well-crafted inclusionary policies are part of the answer . . . --Jan Breidenbach on So, About That Anti-Inclusionary "Study"

. . . Frayser CDC has not pretended to be expert at education, so has stayed out of the battles over charter vs public, etc. We have tried to support all schools that are here. We have recently received funding to attack blighted houses adjoining 2 schools under new management in an effort to help make those schools more successful . . . --Steve Lockwood on Community Development and the School Reform Fight

As a Code officer . . . I am willing to work with the property owner on improvements, even helping them find funds from local sources. I do, however, take things very seriously if I have to deal with a slum landlord who won't bring his/her property up to the minimum in the codes. I wish the courts would make these landlords live in their own properties as part of their fines . . . --Kathy Reitinger on 5 Things Cities and CDCs Don't Get About Code Enforcement

. . . the LIHTC program is so ineffective [because] it's not an affordable rental housing program at all. Last I knew, it's a tax-sheltered investment vehicle administered by the IRS that generates ridiculously complicated (yet insufficient) financing while saddling overworked affordable housing organizations with equally ridiculous and burdensome administrative obligations in order to guarantee financial betterment for high-wealth individuals and partnerships. Affordable housing? A noble but wholly incidental by-product . . . --Tim McKenzie
If you want people to be able to afford their housing, help create more jobs! --Rod Siddons

Looking for a Job?
Community Development Director 

The Community Development Director will prepare assessments and inventories of existing community conditions and resources for revitalization and related projects in cooperation with community-based groups, local businesses, individual residents, appropriate city departments and other nonprofit org . . . Read Full Listing 

Director - Single Family Housing 
This position requires strong real estate experience and a genuine commitment to the mission of building and preserving quality housing and transforming communities. The ideal candidate will have experience managing traditional "soft second" and NSP/HOME acquisition/rehab/sale programs, as well as a thorough understanding of . . . Read Full Listing

President & CEO 
Leading this complex, critical community asset requires an executive with strong professional competencies in financial and team management, resource, policy and organizational development, and program development and evaluation.  Candidates for this role will . . . Read Full Listing 

Director of Business Development
The Director of Business Development will play a
key role in shaping the future of the Community Purchasing Alliance. Working closely with the ED
and Board, the opportunity is to bring CPA across
the threshold of becoming a financially self-sustaining social-purpose cooperative and honing the CPA model as a template for . . . Read Full Listing

Public Policy Associate  
The Public Policy Associate will work within the External Affairs team to advance NALCAB's 2016 Latino Economic Mobility policy agenda, engage members in the policy process and strengthen strategic relationships with congressional members and federal . . .  
Read Full Listing 

Senior Manager
Under general direction, the Senior Manager position is responsible for performing professional level work to manage programs created to build assets in Latino communities across the country. We will rely on you to focus on building equitable neighborhoods through programs that support . . . Read Full Listing

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