Don't Build (So Much) Affordable Housing!

In this issue: Alan Mallach ● Are the Kids All Right in Austin? ● How Big Can Community Organizing Get?
Tuesday, March 8, 2016


CDFI Collaborations: Keys to Success | OFN
Why are some CDFI collaboration initiatives successful while others are not? This paper, put together by the Opportunity Finance Network, seeks to answer this and related questions by studying 12 emerging, ongoing, and completed CDFI collaborations across the industry.


Call for Nominations | Second Annual HUD Secretary's Award for Healthy Homes
The Department of Housing and Urban Development extends the deadline for eligible entities to submit nominations for the second annual HUD Secretary's Award for Healthy Homes. The new deadline for submissions is March 15, 2016.

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Don't Build (So Much) Affordable Housing!
Alan Mallach, Center for Community Progress
Along with most Rooflines readers, I believe that having some portion of a community's housing as long-term or permanently affordable is a desirable policy goal. That said, though, I've found myself wondering what might be the best way to actually pursue that goal . . . More 

Are the Kids All Right? Austin Is Asking
Kelly Weiss, Community Wheelhouse
Recently, here on Rooflines, Tiffany Eng wrote about Oakland's challenges in "family friendly" planning. Here in Austin, demographics show that the number of families in the city is increasing, but this "fact" is misleading. Here's why . . . More

How Big Can *Community* Organizing Get?
Randy Stoecker, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Traditional community organizing is very good at bringing a neighborhood together around a common cause. But can it work for a whole state? . . . More

You Said It!

Here in Boston we have challenges making connections between neighborhood and school for both charters and for district schools. Boston's district school student assignment system is not neighborhood based. That is a consequence of the legacy of racial discrimination in Boston. The city wide lottery system for charter students similarly works against strong neighborhood ties. --Bob Van Meter, LISC Boston, on The Place-Based Charter School?

Mark: Your terms of engagement are compelling. The community land trust movement often finds itself serving as the Steward of inclusionary units required by development law. Your connection to this movement would make a lot of sense as one way to implement your thoughts on "Activating the Mix, Effective Neighboring and Vigilant Humanism." --Richard Lawrence, San Diego Community Land Trust, on A Critical Piece of the Mixed-Income Puzzle

[What] I think we should be exploring further is mixed-use industrial properties. If we allow clean manufacturing to co-locate with office, retail, and/or residential uses, that could be a win-win for cities--especially if housing includes units that are affordable to those working in the manufacturing facility . . . --Chris L
Thanks for posting this article about a vital and under-reported issue. A major reason that industrial uses have been largely ignored by the planning profession is that their inherently low-density character conflicts with the high density fixation of smart growth/TOD . . . --Zelda Bronstein
I disagree with the thesis based on Cincinnati's West End and most of Detroit. Over development of industry is one of the primary reasons for Detroit's decline--with roughly 60 auto manufacturers at its peak down to just three today. What is to be done with all those brownfields? --Eric

Looking for a Job?

Vice President for Applied Research  
The Vice President for Applied Research designs and conducts applied research projects to examine the relationships between economic and demographic disparities in access to economic opportunity, and to support Woodstock Institute's policy advocacy. The research encompasses equitable lending and investments . . . Read Full Listing 

Associate Director,
Affordable Homeownership
CFED is a national nonprofit with a mission of empowering low- and moderate-income households to build and preserve assets. We seek a proven leader who combines a depth of affordable housing policy experience and project management know-how, who thrives on collaboration, curiosity, and . . .  Read Full Listing   
Community Development Director 

The Community Development Director will prepare assessments and inventories of existing community conditions and resources for revitalization and related projects in cooperation with community-based groups, local businesses, individual residents, appropriate city departments and other nonprofit org . . . Read Full Listing 

Director - Single Family Housing 
This position requires strong real estate experience and a genuine commitment to the mission of building and preserving quality housing and transforming communities. The ideal candidate will have experience managing traditional "soft second" and NSP/HOME acquisition/rehab/sale programs, as well as a thorough understanding of . . . Read Full Listing

Public Policy Associate
The Public Policy Associate will work within the External Affairs team to advance NALCAB's 2016 Latino Economic Mobility policy agenda, engage members in the policy process and strengthen strategic relationships with congressional members and federal . . . Read Full Listing

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