FY2015 COC Tier One Announcement and Match

HUD announced the FY 2015 Tier One projects awarded which likely included any new projects, reallocated projects, bonus projects and renewals. A reminder especially for the new projects, that prior to HUD issuing a Grant Agreement or Scope of Work Exhibit (for a renewal project) the Applicant/Recipient will be required to upload into Esnaps evidence of Match. Match documents can be in the form of a letter (if cash or In-kind) or a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) if services are being provided by a third-party.  In past years the Match documents had to be dated within 60 days of the announcement (for FY15=March 8, 2016). If this policy continues and considering the announcements were again tardy the Match documents will need to be updated.

While we have not received the FY2015 processing instructions or know whether the funds have been reserved at the Fort Worth Accounting Center yet (both of which are required before Field staff can start issuing Grant Agreements or Scope of Work Exhibits) it would still be prudent to get started on securing the updated match documents so you can be ready when Esnaps is open to the Recipients for processing.

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