Open Letter from VA on Future of GPD

Open Letter from the VA on Future of GPD
Deputy Secretary Gibson lays out vision statement
Yesterday the Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Sloan Gibson, disseminated an open letter to the grantees of the VA’s Grant and Per Diem (GPD) program. This letter contained as enclosures two documents: one, a vision statement for where the Department plans to take the GPD program, and two, a frequently asked questions page on the Bridge Housing model.
While this information has been long awaited by the provider community, most of the information contained in the formal letter had previously been disclosed in three GPD national teleconferences over the last few months.
To ensure that all GPD providers, and their partners in communities across the country, have received this information, NCHV has included the letter and its enclosures here. A few months ago NCHV outlined some guidance for these then-possible, and now announced, policy changes to the GPD program; you can re-read that guidance here. 
In the days to come, we will contact you again to share with you NCHV’s perspectives on the proposed changes, and what they could mean to you and your community. Be on the lookout for that email.
What are your thoughts on the vision statement? Share your opinions or concerns with NCHV by contacting our Director of Policy, Joshua Stewart, at
Address postal inquiries to:
National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
333 1/2 Pennsylvania Ave. SE
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