SSVF HMIS Workflow Clarification from VA TA

QUESTION #1: By default, our HMIS has the "Client entering from streets, ES, SH" and accompanying questions listed on the "Update" assessment for doing interim reviews (also on the Exit assessment).  Is it common for this to change while working w/clients during the 90 day or less period?  Workflow wise, it's a bit confusing for case mgrs to see this while doing interim reviews.

ANSWER: The Data Dictionary on Collection Point & System Logic for this data element (3.17) states, “Collect once at project entry. System stores collected length of time on streets, in emergency shelter or safe haven and retains for historical purposes. Updates not required.” You might want to submit this to the HMIS Help Desk if this doesn’t answer your question as I’m not sure why it would be collected at Exit or even update. 

QUESTION #2: If a case manager works with a CAT 2/3 client, and finds them housing within the 90 day period, but are still working with them, are they supposed to Exit them from HMIS at day 90, and then create a new Entry? If yes, are they supposed to create the new Entry as Cat 1 since the client is technically housed? If yes, I would assume that means the HP Screening score has to be completed, which makes workflow a bit of an issue...

ANSWER: The 90 day limit doesn’t exist; it is just used for categorization purposes at entry and has nothing to do with length of time enrolled. Ultimately, the important point is whether someone is Cat 1 or Cat 2/3.  Case managers should not be exiting anyone based on 90 days or whether they become housed, and then re-entering into a different category.